Spending Ban Update (3)

My spending ban hasn’t been too bad this week.

I did cave and buy myself a new sonic toothbrush, but I feel that’s not really a bad thing to buy.

In fact I’ll be doing a post on it soon as I think an electric toothbrush is really important and there are currently some great offers on in Boots.

I picked up the Philips Sonicare Whitening toothbrush which currently has £63 off so is an obvious bargain.

It makes me think that because I’m not buying unnecessary things like clothes and make up i am actually buying things that are worth the money.

Unfortunately for me, my DVD player has broken. And although I don’t really ‘need’ a new one, I reeeeeeeeeeally miss watching my films and I’m a little lost without it!

I am tempted to buy one when I get paid tomorrow and I’ve found one for £50 that has everything I need, but even so. Will have to see how much money I have left!

In other thoughts, here is my first wish list of items I am currently lusting over and cannot buy:

1) Macadamia oil hair mask. Having used a sample of this it is quite honestly one of the best and I need to get my hands on it and make my hair feel like silk again!

2) An Origins serum. I feel as my 25th birthday looms ever nearer that I need to take better care of my skin, as mentioned in lots of previous posts. I would like to invest in a serum to prevent further wrinkles and damage to my skin so hopefully I can pick up one of these soon.

3) Benefit boxed blushes. I clearly missed out on a few years of new products and now feel like my blush collection needs updating and revitalising with additional Benefit products.

4) A number of DVDs. I really want to update my DVD collection having not bought many in the past 5 years, I’m thinking Game of Thrones TV box sets along with others as well as ones like Magic Mike for some eye candy!

5) A new dress to go out in. I have my birthday coming up so I will be needing a new dress! No idea what type as op yet…..but I’m sure something slinky and figure hugging will be just the ticket!

How are you getting on with your spending bans? Link me to your wishlists if you have one!

L xxx

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  1. Marvelle
    January 27, 2013 / 4:31 pm

    You are doing fab! Keep it up 🙂

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