Whats on my dressing table

I finally have a dressing table and organised make up, as well as somewhere to sit and do it which is amazing.  When I say dressing table I technically mean desk but it’s my beauty area. When I own my own place hopefully I’ll be able to have a gorgeous vintage one,  for now I’m over the moon and it beats sitting on a small gap on the floor and having my make up under the bed.

First things first I needed a mirror. Ideally I’d have a big one with lights and attached to the wall but being rented property a free standing one would do. I spotted this one in ikea. It’s a great size and I like the metal feet. For £10 it went straight in the bag. Along with fairy lights (which my other half hates and thinks are pointless. He doesn’t understand some things are there just for the pretty factor.

Next up was brushes.  My RT ones go in their holders but I needed something else. I originally had them in a cleaned out Yankee Candle jar but it was too big and not organised enough. I spotted this clear stationery organiser in my local staples and as they are closing it was half price and around £3. It’s perfect. The Yankee Candle jar now houses my pretty lights.  I want a second set as it looks a little empty.

For my everyday grabbed for items I picked up these cute blue patterned boxes which go with the carpet and curtains perfectly for around the £4 mark from Ikea (I got lots of stuff from ikea. It’s perfect for cheap storage). You get four different sized boxes. The largest I used elsewhere and these 3 house my most used items. I will post on these soon. And of course my Naked 2 palette which gets used every day!

Underneath is a box I had a Christmas present in that I thought was too pretty to mot use. I’ll find a use for it. And the white bag holds my dirty make up brushes away from site. 

All my perfume and perfume samples also sit on here. I really need to use some up.

Lastly on my desk is my Yankee scented beads in my favourite scent, pink sands. I hope they bring these to the UK they are amazing.  Mine have been open since Mid October and still smell great!

Lastly under my desk is my jewellery which I’m yet to find a home for, my heated rollers which I adore and have reviewed on here before (as I’m Internet less on my laptop still I’ll link at a later date but I think it was Feb/March time). The soap and glory bag holds my wand, curling iron and heated air styler.  

I wanted my straighteners and hairdryer easy to get so picked up some command strip hooks. Command strips are great as they stay stuck well and don’t mark walls or surfaces when removed correctly.

The gold bag holds all my skincare stuff. Like samples, wipes and cotton pads.

So that’s my dressing table. What do you have on yours? What’s your must have items?

Love M


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  1. Sunny
    January 3, 2013 / 3:55 am

    I need to get more organised with my make up, I just put everything on a shelf, it's always messy > . < x

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