Spending Ban Update (4)

So another update for you today…

I haven’t done too badly again, but when pay day came I did splash out and buy myself a replacement for my poor DVD player which broke a few weeks ago.

After consulting with my geeky brother I decided on a Samsung Blu Ray player, as my brother has a lot of them that I could borrow and it wasn’t too much more than the DVD player. Plus as it matches my TV I will be able to use the one controller for both!

I’m so excited for it to turn up, I was gutted when I couldn’t watch films after Christmas and in the long run it will be cheaper than me spending my evenings going out.

I was also lucky enough to go shopping with my mum.

I was helping her pick up presents for complicated family members who are turning 18/50 etc.

We went into Zara for a wander and saw some sale items which I loved but refused to buy, my mum was LOVELY and bought them for me, I was so excited!

She bought me a lush wide black belt with gold studs and rivets which is quite small and didn’t look quite right in the shop as I had a baggy blouse and jeans on, but I can’t wait to match it up with some dresses.

She also got me a make up bag with a horse hair cover and union jack print. I absolutely love British themed items and this will be a perfect addition to my work bag. And maybe even on a night out as it seems to be the perfect size for a clutch bag too? We will see!

I have also signed up to a fitness magazine (Women’s fitness) as it cost me £16 for 9 months of magazines which are keeping me going with my inspiration and motivation for the gym.

It also comes with a free pack of Vitamins worth £25 from MyVitamins which should help me kick start my metabolism. 

So as you can see I have spent some money this week….but I’ve found that investing my time and money in things to do as opposed to clothes, make up and alcohol is a better use of my cash.

I’ve just had my new gym program this morning and am really excited to get into it again.

I’ve booked on gym classes and plan on shifting a few pounds and toning up.

So here’s my wish list, with some new additions!

1) Macadamia oil hair mask. Having used a sample of this it is quite honestly one of the best and I need to get my hands on it and make my hair feel like silk again!

2) An Origins serum. I feel as my 25th birthday looms ever nearer that I need to take better care of my skin, as mentioned in lots of previous posts. I would like to invest in a serum to prevent further wrinkles and damage to my skin so hopefully I can pick up one of these soon.

I have actually got a sample of the Perfect World serum to try this week!

3) Benefit boxed blushes. I clearly missed out on a few years of new products and now feel like my blush collection needs updating and revitalising with additional Benefit products.

4) A number of DVDs. I really want to update my DVD collection having not bought many in the past 5 years, I’m thinking Game of Thrones TV box sets along with others as well as ones like Magic Mike for some eye candy!

5) A new dress to go out in. I have my birthday coming up so I will be needing a new dress! No idea what type as op yet…..but I’m sure something slinky and figure hugging will be just the ticket!

6) Urban Decay Oz Palettes. The palettes are absolutely gorgeous and I want my hands on both the Theodora and Glinda looks, both serve my split personality for pretty pastels and smokey neutrals. I’m devastated that these have come out during the spending ban and I’m actually considering buying them and screwing over the ban.

7) Liz Earle Bronzer. I’ve seen M’s and its such a gorgeous colour, I need it in my life for contouring for every day use!

Watch this space as it might really happen! Urban Decay why do you do this to me.

How are your spending bans going? What’s on your wish list?

L xxx


  1. Marvelle
    February 3, 2013 / 5:41 pm

    You are doing so well! Keep going! I did make a teeeeeeeeeeny tiny slip up and get the Urban Decay palettes… 🙁

  2. Marisha Wick
    February 7, 2013 / 6:51 am

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