Spending Ban Update 5

I’ve been meaning to write a spending ban update for a bit now. It’s been a while since I’ve done one. You can read my last one here. I’ve not been doing them weekly as not much has changed.

So far I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s been 56 days and I’ve still not bought any make up. The Saturday before last when L and I went to LFW I forgot to pack my flat shows so picked these up from Asda. For only £10 I wasn’t too annoyed at spending. I love the stud detail and the nude colour. They also come in black, you can see them here.

So in 55 days to have only bought these which were truly something I didn’t need. I have bought shampoo and conditioner and some DVDs but at least I haven’t added to my make up collection.

Last week was probably my hardest. I was moody and all I wanted was a new lipstick. It was so hard to actually resist. So far I have, the thing keeping me going now is that me and L are going to go to MAC and have our makeup done for her birthday. It is before the spending ban is up so I’m going to add on a few extra weeks for those purchases.

I feel like I’m getting past the not buying thing now, it was making me moody at first as I couldn’t shop but I’m starting to feel more proud now when I put things back.

L and I went to a Bloggers meet up on Saturday. I did resist buying anything but I did get my brows done. They were bugging me as they were uneven.

For the next 4 weeks (prior to L’s Birthday) my plan is to not buy ANY make up, clothes, skincare, dvds, starbucks (this may be hard as on Thursday’s I’m in uni all day and my flask isn’t enough to last me). I’m also going to make sure I buy food to keep in rather than buying junk food and lunch.

I think my spending is getting better but I’m still not as good as I can be. I think for me the spending ban needs to be a more permanent only buy if I need things.

I’ve also signed up to my local pool which is £26 a month so that’s money I need to stop wasting now. 

My Wishlist.

MAC Brick-O-La (this has been there since the beginning. I’ve still not seen it in person)

Urban Decay Setting Spray

MUA Eyelid Primer (my mum got me one so I’ve taken this off)

Illamasqua Pigment Base

Origins Cheeks and Balance

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (L has offered me both of these this week as they are cheap. It’s hard to tell myself I don’t need them)

Daniel Sandler Water Coloue Blush

Elf Brush Cleaner

Elf Blush and Bronzer Duo (we were very lucky to get an amazing goody bag from the Bloggers meet so I don’t feel like I need this now, post coming soon)

Stocking Tights

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

Rimmel Appocolips

This time I’m adding

Laura Mercier Undercover Pot Concealer 

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation or the Tinted Moisturiser. I want to get samples of both of these.

How are your bans going?

Don’t forget to check out Marvelle’s blog here to see more of the lovely ladies doing the ban.

Love M


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  1. Marvelle
    February 26, 2013 / 2:54 pm

    Yay! Its great to hear your spending habits are getting better, I feel like mine have definitely changed for the better now. I don't mind not spending so much and definitely look back and think "woah" at what I used to spend! Woohoo!

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