Nails Inc: The Edit

Christmas seems like yesterday right?

I was just thinking about it the other day and couldn’t believe it when I realised it was a whole 3 months ago.

It’s my favourite time of year and it definitely went by in a flash, can’t we have it again in July??

One of my Christmas presents was this really cute nail polish set from Nails Inc.

As you can see it’s called ‘The Edit’ and I absolutely love the colours they’ve chosen.

Even though this was brought out in time for Christmas the colours can be worn all year round and I’m such a big fan!

There are five polishes in total, the names of which are shown below on the back of the box with a description next to them.

I’d had my eye on Porchester Square for a while as lots of people had raved over the colour and formula and also that the tone of it seemed to suit everyone’s skin tone making it one of the perfect nudes! I couldn’t wait to try this one out.

Also present was a holographic polish which was interesting to me as I’d never owned one of these nore seen any anywhere else so this was also one I wanted to try over the party season.

Tate and Richmond Terrace are both beautiful classic reds that are a must in anyone collection and I really think you can never have enough! (If you look in my collection I’d definitely say I can’t…)

Lastly the one I most pleased to receive was Notting Hill Gate. I’d owned Shoreditch from Nails Inc for a few years and used it until it died a very dry death and nothing would come out of the bottle any longer.

I’ve since been aiming to get a replacement and this one is similar enough for my tastes. 

I absolutely love bright pinks as they’re perfect for most occasions and go perfectly with my skin tone for fingers and toes.

As the nude and the pink were ones I was most excited about….here’s my latest NOTD with both colours, what do you think??



My nails are a little battered as this was after work so my hands are cuts and the nails a tiny bit chipped but nevertheless you can see the idea!


Me and M both love an accent nail and i love to keep it simple with nudes and then a flash of neon colour.

Out of this set I would 100% buy these two colours again as they both fill gaps in my collection and I can see myself using them a lot.

In fact my toes are painted with the pink right now!

I don’t see this small bottle lasting me very long…


Here’s a picture of all the colours painted onto nails:



How gorgeous are they??

I love trying out new colours and think miniature kits like this are brilliant to try them out and also to have if you need to do your nails on the go. Taking smaller bottles with you is so much easier to change your manicure in a rush than lugging your whole collection!

Unfortunately the set seems to have been a Christmas exclusive as it is sold out everywhere I’ve looked. But you can pick up each shade individually and I’d recommend them all.

What other sets have you tried? What’s your favourite Nails Inc colour?

Black Taxi is a personal favourite but Notting Hill Gate and Porchester Square might come in close. It’s so hard to choose, so I generally just buy them all!

L xxx

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  1. Anonymous
    March 22, 2013 / 10:30 pm

    Aaaah the glitter one is awesome! X

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