Spring Series: Body Care

As it’s March (this year is speeding by already!) we decided to start up a new series of posts for Sunday’s.

With Summer coming up, in case it’s in April again, we’ve decided to start a series of posts on how we get skin ready after the drying effects of Winter and Spring/Summer trends for clothes and make up.
We’ll be doing them every Sunday in the hope that by the time we’ve finished them some good weather will be here!
Our first one is on body care, hope you enjoy šŸ™‚

Body Scrubs

Through winter my skin goes horrible, especially my legs, they get so dry and no amount of moisturiser seems to help. Plus honestly I get lazy with moisturiser. I hate getting out of the shower and having to be cold while I rub in moisturiser! Now hopefully warmer weather is nearing it’s time to prep my legs as I’m hoping soon I can wear skirts.

For body scrubs I love the Next Spa Sugar Body Scrub. Unfortunately I can’t find this one online so I’m not sure if it was just a Christmas product. The texture of this scrub is one of the best I’ve used. It’s very thick and almost jelly like. It smooths onto the skin and gently exfoliates with a good size particle. It leaves skin feeling moisturised leaving it with an oily feeling after. I love that it has a glitter sparkle through it. The only downside is the smell. As this is from the spa range it’s a very fresh almost woody scent which does make you feel like you are entering a spa which is nice but for me I prefer more sweet or fruity scents. I will be looking out for this in shops and hopefully I’ll be able to find it again. We were lucky enough to get this at a Next Blogger Event.

Body Butters

I’m a huge body butter fan. I love the thickness of them and the instant moisturising feeling they leave. I usually use Body Shop body butters, I love the variety of scents these leave and you can quite often get them on offer. They smooth onto the body easily and leave a nice scent on the skin.

I love how big the pots are and a little does go a long way. I tend to prefer body butters to lotions as I like that they are thicker.

Body Lotions

I did get the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Lotion for Christmas. I love the scent of this. It’s sweet and creamy smelling and I love that it comes in a pump bottle as it means when I’m wearing fake nails I don’t get loads of product under my nails. This sinks in easily and leaves my skin well moisturised. It has converted me from body butters and as it’s lighter it will be better for during the day on hot days.

I also like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Pump Lotion. I love Palmer’s products as they smell amazing. This is again a pump lotion so it means I don’t get product under my fingers.

M xxx

Body Scrubs

I am what you would call a ‘Soap and Glory girl’ through and through. When it comes to scrubs the first thing I think of is their Sugar Crush scrub.
I absolutely adore this grainy substance which smells very strongly of sugar and lime, basically it’s like a mojito and I just love it.


I also love their Pulp Friction scrub which foams and has more of a fruity smell and feels more moisturising because of the foam.
I pick and choose which one I fancy using depending on my skin condition at the time, and of course the smell I’m after! I find they do a really good job at sloughing off all of the dead skin cells so the new ones can push through and make moisturiser easier to sink in.

Body Butter

I’d never really used a body butter before I received a Soap and Glory one a few years ago, so they were a new thing for me. I have now become obsessed with how luxurious they feel on my skin especially after winter where my skin has taken a bashing from the cold and heating in the house.

I love how thick it is and it obviously smells amazing.
I do also like the Body Shop butters, they are on a similar standard and have a great variety of flavours. Satsuma is my next one to try!

Body Lotion
Again, having received the Soap and Glory bag I also like the Body Milk that M likes. The pump makes things so easy!
I also like the Vaseline and Dove moisturisers as most of the time they are so easily absorbed into your skin that you rarely need to wait long for it to sink in, so these are my favourites for week days and after the gym when I haven’t got much time but don’t want to skip it.

A product I would love to try is a body oil. I’ve tried baby oil and it was too thick for my skin and took forever to absorb. I’ve heard drier oils are better and the Palmer’s cocoa butter is one of the ones I’ve heard rave reviews about and definitely need to try. Do any of you have any recommendations??

So there’s our first Spring Series post, what do you think? Do you use scrubs often?

L xxx


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