Review: 17 Doll’d Up Mascara and Eye Liner

I’m sure most of you have seen 17’s new mascara ‘Doll’d Up’ on the stands at Boots.

I picked it up a few weeks ago when me and M went to London for LFW. At the time it came with their new 3 Way Liquid Eyeliner also from their Doll’d Up range.


We’ll talk through the mascara first….it claims to provide up to 24 Hour Curl, which is something I have mentioned before that I am in vital need of!

I am lucky enough to have very long eye lashes which are also really thick. This is great for the fluffy eyelash look, but using every trick in the book my lashes just do not curl.
I’ve not had them permed yet so it’s a possibility for the future when I’ve found somewhere I can trust with putting hot things near my eyeballs….


Back to the mascara.
Because my lashes are long i rarely spend much on my mascara, I don’t need lengthening or volumising as such so a mascara from Rimmel, 17, Maybelline etc usually does me fine as there’s not much point spending a lot for me.
(Having said that I absolutely love Benefit’s They’re Real!)


The brush is a comb type brush, the bristles are quite short and hard but cover the brush all the way around, so it’s more than just a comb.
I find this is really good at picking up all of the hairs individually and find all of them are coated and separated out.


I have other eye make up on in the photo below but you can get the jist of it in regards to the mascara….it lengthens and separates out all of my lashes individually and looks pretty good if i say so myself!


This was such a good price to pay for the mascara, I’ve tried more expensive ones and got the same results so I’m pretty pleased with this.
It lengthens, separates and does give my lashes some curl though due to their stubborness this doesn’t last long.

The eyeliner as I have previously mentioned came free with the mascara. I was dubious about this but also very interested to see how the design made a difference.



Firstly I love the simple packaging, monochrome will always win me over.
Secondly the cute bow design is pretty but not over the top, enough for us girly but not overly pink and glittery types like myself.

I’d previously seen another brand had brought out a similar design (Clarins was it?) and it was mentioned that  using the 3 tips dotted along the lash line made eyelashes appear thicker at the base and therefore more voluminous as well as producing a varied range of eyeliner looks.


As you can see by my hand abov the pen draws a really smooth and straight line pretty easily when the pen is turned with the tips aligned.

For a thicker line you can use all three vertically, though as you can see you would need to colour in the small gaps.

As for the dots at the base of the lashline theory, I tried multiple times to create this look but failed miserably. It was hard to do without looking like I’d drawn dots on my lashline and I think these pen tips are just too big.

It is super easy to draw a flicked out wing though particularly in the morning rush hour at 7 so it’s definitely been a useful product for me.


I always find with pens like these that even with the lid on tight they seem to dry out pretty fast but so far so good with this one. Will update once I’ve used it a little while and see how it is then!

What do you think of eyeliner pens? do you prefer the ease or something like a gel eyeliner instead?

I will always prefer gel eyeliner due to its long lasting colour all day and staying in place, but this is a worthy contender for it’s ease especially for work!

L xxx


  1. Beauty Bird
    April 20, 2013 / 8:20 am

    I love this mascara! A great budget buy. I haven't quite got to grips with the eyeliner pen yet though! xx

  2. yessie (cinnamonandzoeykisses)
    April 27, 2013 / 4:51 am

    just recieved this mascara in a swap I did- excited to use it, looks great

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