Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Powder

We recently posted about our visit to Swansea for the Benefit #bbloggers event for the launch of Fake Up which you can see here.

At the same time we also received a Hello Flawless powder to try, both of which were ‘Gee I’m Swell’ Ivory.

We were really intrigued as we both love compact’s you can just throw into a bag to use anywhere and because of the wide variety of colours available, including different tones which I hadn’t noticed that Benefit did before.

Benefit are currently celebrating the first birthday of Hello Flawless which has been a top seller for them since day one. 


Firstly even from the packaging we loved it, as it contained SPF and also it’s a custom powder so it means you can build it up and use as little or as less as you like…..perfect!

Also looking on the back of the box you can see that in this compact, not only is there your expected product and mirror, there is also a compartment underneath for both a brush and a sponge.
That’s right, both a sponge and a brush!

This is where the custom coverage comes in as the brush can lightly cover any areas you want, and the sponge can apply a heavier layer to cover up any areas that might need a heavier touch.




We both loved the instruction and tips leaflet that came with it, as they do with every Benefit product and it’s always a fun and light hearted read.

I love the feeling of this product on the skin. I’ve applied it every day to set my foundation and to cover up some problem areas I have had.
It’s been great for throwing in my bag and taking around with me and so far it’s made it to Harry Potter Studios, on a hen weekend, my birthday night out and all manner of others!

I do have one slight negative to it though….it is so light and silky that it picks up a little too easily for some brushes and I’ve found myself wasting some product and my constant use of it over the past 4/5 weeks has meant that I have already hit pan!
I was really disappointed as although it’s an amazing powder I just wouldn’t be able to buy one of these almost every month at £25.50.

I think if I used a smaller brush to apply it I wouldn’t have picked up so much extra product and so I will be trying this until I actually finish the whole compact.

L xxx


I was so pleased to receive this at the Benefit event. I’ve not used a high end powder before. I tend to just pick up cheap powders and spend more on foundations.

When reading the information that came with the powder (I love that all benefit products come with tips and tricks for best application, it’s so helpful) I was intrigued by seeing using the sponge and brush gives different finishes. 

I decided to try using it as more full coverage instead of a foundation. I was impressed with the coverage it gave and the finish wasn’t powdery as I had expected it to look. It gave a really natural finish on the skin and lasted really well. This will be great for Summer.

It’s handy that it comes with the brush and sponge and space for both of them to be stored. The brush doesn’t feel quite as good as I expected from having the blushes and loving those brushes, but it doesn’t shed and is great for touch ups.


I tend to use my RT powder brush and then the brush that comes with it if it needs any touch ups. It is great for setting foundation and adds a bit of extra coverage on bad skin days. It’s been thrown in my bag and the magnet closure is secure enough for it not to have opened whilst in there.

It’s a very fine powder so sits beautifully on the skin, a light hand is needed with a brush though or you’ll waste a lot of product. I’ve used it almost everyday since getting it and not hit pan yet. I really like it and think I may be converted to try more expensive powders. Especially during the summer as an alternative to foundation.

Love M



  1. Lola and Behold
    April 5, 2013 / 9:16 am

    Since I received this I've been absolutely in love, but like you I'm not impressed with all the powder wastage. When I pick up a little bit on my brush, powder goes absolutely everywhere. It wouldn't matter if it was a £2 high street powder but at this price it's a waste 🙁 xLola and Behold

  2. Emily Stoker
    April 5, 2013 / 2:12 pm

    This does look gorgeous, I always love Benefit packaging!Emily x –

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