Spring Series: Facial Skincare!

Hi all! We’re back with another post in our Spring Series.

We’ve previously covered our favourite products and tips ranging from footcare to fitness and hands to body care, and you can catch up with all of them on this link.

This week is dedicated to facial skincare to help you with your way to brighter and more glowing skin!

I have recently been looking over my skincare products in shock at how much my collection has grown in the past year (eek!).

There are products for everything you can possibly imagine so initially it was hard to narrow things down.

The best place to start for me however is with a great cleanser. Removing the dirt of the day to reveal your skin is the best place to start especially when combined with an exfoliator.

I tend to use either Liz Earle’ Cleanse and Polish or Origins Checks and Balances for every day, and then Murad’s AHA/BHA Cleanser to exfoliate as well.

This exfoliating cleanser has so many benefits it was hard to write about when we published our post a few days ago but honestly it has had such a great effect on my skin.


The next step I’d suggest is a good radiance inducing face mask. My favourite is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask.

It’s well known on the bloggersphere for being the one that’s pretty much like marmalade, but the orange smell combined with the amazing radiance effect it gives your skin makes it top of my list when my skin is feeling a tad dull.

I tend to use this once a week, normally Thursday or Friday to give me a glow ready for the weekend!

Lastly for keeping your skin tip top for every day I would recommend the Make A Difference range.


I personally use the Rejuvenating Treatment due to my skin type but there are different types of moisturisers for all skin types which is what i love about it. There’s a heavier cream for drier skins and a gel for oilier skins, both of which are light on the skin and don’t clog the pores but deliver a hydrating punch that actually does diminish blemishes and has helped my skin to recover from my random bout of acne.

It has definitely helped my skin to become more uniform so fingers crossed it does the same for everyone! And as it’s so light it would be great for warmer weathers.

Ginzing is another popular favourite, the eye cream has particles in it that helps to reduce any signs of tiredness and dreaded under eye bags. It sinks in easily and of course with all Origins products is free from nasties, hurrah!

There’s my facial product tips for Spring, what would yours be??

L xxx

I’m the same as L and love to use Liz Eearle as my hot cloth cleanser of choice, I have tried the No7 one but I wasn’t really a fan of that one. For some reason though I don’t like to use a hot cloth cleanser in the shower so in the Mornings I’m currently loving Soap and Glory Peaches and Cream. This smells amazing and feels luxiourous as well as leaving my skin clean but not itght. It does suggest on the packaging it’s more of an evening cleanser but I’ve noticed no problems using it during the day.


I’m also loving the Murad cleanser as my scrub of choice at the moment. I love using scrubs, it’s good to make my skin feel extra clean and the Murad one is great and isn’t too harsh as some can be.

As for masks I’m currently loving Origins Clear Improvement. I’ve reviewed that here. In love it for bad skin days and it’s great for my oily skin and really helps control it. I really want another mask that’s more of a brightening one. So any suggestions are welcome? I am tempted by Ren.

Something L didn’t mention was toner. For me toner is a product I can’t live without. I’ve been using a one from Lush, Breath of Fresh Air for about 3 years now. I love it, it closes my pores after cleansing and prepares my skin for moisuriser. I find when I don’t use it I get spotty.

Lastly my favourites for Skin care have to be Origins for Eye Cream. For day I favour the Ginzing eye cream, it sinks in easily and has a brightening effect which is great for mornings. For evenings I prefer to use something thicker and more targetted for wrinkles. For this I use Origins A Perfect World for Eyes. This is a much thicker cream/gel forumla and feels great on the eyes.

I love using the Clinique Repairware laser focus serum. I use this before moisturiser. I’m hoping using products like this will delay me getting wrinkles for as long as possible.

Lastly for mosituriser I absolutely adore Clinique Super Defense and Super Rescue Cream (reviewed here) there is no better than this pair for me. Unfortunately they are expensive so I do try to use others to save money. Do you have products you love but can’t afford to always splash out on?

What are your skincare must haves?

Love M


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