Beauty Rehab

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Beauty Rehab post and you can find all my others here.

Essentially they’re empties posts, but it was initially to encourage me to get rid of stuff and stop accumulating more products, which of course just didn’t happen.

Now however I have had a bit of a life change and instead of being employed at Boots I have now (finally!) got myself a proper job in a lab which is what I’ve been working towards my whole school career.

So now that’s finally happened and my discount card has been handed back into my manager (sobbbbbb!) it’s time for me to reassess my spending  and because of that my plan is to go on an all out ban.

Cold turkey, for a month.

Then after that month I’ll allow myself to spend on clothing and anything I’ve run out of, but essentially  the plan is to only allow myself to buy a product when I’ve run out of all other similar products. So for example if I use all my foundations (unlikely!) I can purchase another, but only if all of them have been used up.

Hopefully this will work out a lot better than before when I was surrounded by Boots deals every day and the bribe of more points for my card (currently sitting at £62…..maybe a treat for when I get rid of lots?!)

So without further ado, these are the empties I’ve collected up the past few weeks and from now on I will be starting a clean slate from the 1st of June…wish me luck!


So Liz Earle is always making an appearance in these posts for me, I have repurchased since finishing this one but don’t have any others as of yet! Still love it though.
Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub was neither a hit nor a miss for me. It gave a good scrub but I didn’t feel like it helped with my spots, probably as they’re more acne than hormonal.
Molton Brown hair wash was ok…..I wouldn’t repurchase it as it was so expensive for a shampoo that wasn’t much different to any other in my opinion.


Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame perfume is my ultimate all time favourite perfume and I will be repurchasing this for a long time to come!
St Ives Body Polish was a cheap shop purchase, not quite a pound store but one of those shops where they have items at a very cheap price. Having used St Ives products before I knew this would be a decent product for the £2ish price tag and I was right, it was great for a cheap scrub! Would repurchase from a similar store.


The Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume mascara was pretty good, it lengthened my lashes and separated them nicely but I felt like it could have given more volume.
The Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara was a big surprise but M had been bugging me for a while to get it and I was pleasantly surprised. It separated every lash and left them looking soft and fluffy but with volume. I’d buy it again!


Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million was a perfume I got for Christmas in 2011. I did really like using it but I feel like the smell changed in the bottle after 9 months so it didn’t smell the same. I did enjoy it but my love will always be MaDame!


St Moriz is a great alternative to more expensive tans. I picked this up from Home Bargains a while ago and though I wouldn’t say there was too much difference between the normal and the dark versions, it’s a great easy to use product that shows up straight away so you can see it easily to rub it in and develops to an even colour. I’ve since bought a few of these….ahem…so will be making my way through them!

The Body Shop Body butters are well renowned and this was my first given to me as a present. It took forever to use up as it wasn’t my favourite smell and my skin on my body wasn’t dry enough to benefit from a thicker butter. I wouldn’t purchase this particular flavour again but I would try others!


Johnsons Baby shampoo is the perfect product to use to wash your make up brushes and I don’t think there’s better. I’ve used Asda’s own for example and its certainly not the same. Definitely repurchase but hopefully when it’s on offer as it’s not the cheapest!

L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer is something I’ve used for a little while, I love the resurfacing properties it has as it completely smoothes over the pores and lines on the face. It also helps keep your make up for longer than it would usually stay on your face so generally I’m a fan…..but I don’t like the pot! Always get this down my nails. Not a good look.


Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Light Matte is a great instant wash off tan that can be used for last minute occasions. I’ve loved this and prefer the matte option so I can add shimmer to my skin if necessary as it’s not always appropriate. Would repurchase!


The FCUK Whipped Bodycream was part of a Christmas set and the consistency felt really nourishing and it smelt amazing! Would repurchase if I didn’t have a tonne of others to use up!
Ajala Spa products were some I picked up from the hotel in London. It was paraben free so I was excited but I didn’t like it, nothing foamed that was supposed to and the conditioner and lotion didn’t have any positive effect whatsoever.
The Gardenia spray was a lovely change from my usual sprays but as I’m not the biggest fan of Rose or Magnolia it wasn’t my favourite. I love citrus scents which would have been my first choice but this did smell very fresh and lasted a decent amount of time.
Batiste is amazing! I prefer the original and tropical scents, would repurchase for years to come!


Collection Fix me Up spray features in both above and below photos. It was a lovely feeling and felt like my make up was refreshed but I can’t say its worth the money particularly.
Asda’s eye make up remover was great, worked a treat and didn’t affect my sensitive eyes, thumbs up! Especially for value.
Origins Perfect World moisturiser was great, didn’t like it initially but after my skin got drier its soaked this up a treat. The SPF is also a great addition and I have more of this to use!
Mitchum anti perspirant was good, it was one of the first 48 hour deodorants and was brilliant when I was working underground in a hot cafe! It definitely works! (not that I didn’t shower for 48 hours…its just a good deodorant)
Avon Silk Wrap nail polish was brilliant and sinks into your nails much like my current favourite Revlon Post Trauma polish.
17 Doll’d Up eye liner was a complete miss for me, it wasn’t as easy to use but I was going to persevere until it suddenly dried up overnight and its now being thrown out!
Origins mascara was pretty good and I did a post on it recently, but I think it’s discontinued now.


And lastly my uber fave….Revlon PhotoReady primer. My only bug bear with this product is that the pump doesn’t catch all the product, I’m talking a fifth of the bottle??
So I ended up getting my dad to break the top off so I could scrape out another few weeks worth and save myself some money!
Would definitely repurchase and already have….obviously!

What do you think of my empties? Wish me luck for my Cold Turkey time!!!

L xxx

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  1. louisa llewellyn
    May 31, 2013 / 7:20 am

    Good luck! That's a good amount of empties.I've only manged 10 in the last 50 days. I'm planning one or two little purchases tomorrow and then nothing until the start of July, that way I finish my college year, have two days for summer school for my next course and retake my driving test at the end and I can shop to my hearts content.

  2. Carly Warly
    May 31, 2013 / 9:11 am

    Congratulations on getting your job 😀 Love this post – was expecting a detox skincare line but this was even better 😀 Well done for not spending and getting through all these products 😀 The mango body butter and satsuma body butter might be up your alley lovely 😀 good luck on the spending ban heehee SLS x

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