Benefit’s Stay Flawless Event

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the latest Benefit event for the launch of their new Stay Flawless primer.

Unfortunately M’s last exam was the day after the event so I had to go it alone, but there were lots of lovely girls who I’d met before and had the pleasure of meeting lots of new bloggers!

The event took place in The Living Room in Bristol, right next to the Imax theatre on the harbourside.

As soon as I walked in I loved it; the place had high ceilings, lots of lighting and a wall full of wine bottles, who wouldn’t like that?!



It was also full of men in suits which was a little intimidating seeing as I turned up in jeans and converse but I soon got over that when the rest of the girls were dressed the same as me.

After having a quick catch up we were called over to the area and offered champagne and juices before taking a seat.


The reason for the event was to launch their new primer ‘Stay Flawless’
It allegedly keeps your make up looking flawless for up to 15 hours.

Lisa PD was there for the launch again and gave us her demonstration using the lovely Rachel as her model:


The primer is applied to the skin in circle type motions before Hello Flawless is applied as quick as possible on top.
The Stay Flawless primer is in a stick form, I love stick things. I feel like a child when I was younger and applying lipstick to my entire face. It’s similar to their Fake Up concealers in that it’s so easy to apply and you really can’t make a mistake.

The theory behind the primer is that it acts as a Make Up Magnet….and they had these amazing items to show us how it works:


So here we have your face (on the right), and your two products: Hello Flawless and Stay Flawless.

When you use Hello Flawless straight onto your skin….

The two things just don’t stick well enough to each other, and coincidentally one slides straight off the other:


However, when Stay Flawless primer is used, the foundation sticks to the primer which sticks to your skin and therefore gives a long lasting, flawless face for the day!
It truly acts as a ‘Make up Magnet’.


Lisa has tested out the primer herself and put her photos on Instagram to prove the make up stayed on.
After 12 hours her face was still flawless but after that the make up did start to show some shine coming through, which is why the primer only states up to 15 hours wear.
I like that they’ve been honest and stated that it could be UP TO 15 hours, not for definite.
As Lisa says, a primer that lasts 12 hours is nothing short of a miracle and I would be so happy if my make up stayed on my face for 12 hours perfectly!


What i particularly love about Benefit events is how lovely and friendly all of the Benebabes are. Not only are they really helpful for make up advice but they’re also really nice to chat to and its lovely to have a rummage in their make up desk which conveniently seems to be near me at each event!

I also love that they have their own decorations for each event, like the cushions. The Stay Flawless ones were perfect for this time of year and so cute with their cross stitching pattern!


Luckily for us we got to leave with a goodie bag with not only a Stay Flawless primer to test out, but the Benefit foundation brush and also a bottle of Hello Flawless foundation which we were colour matched for at the event.
I was so excited when I found this out as I’ve always wanted to try the Hello Flawless foundation due to it’s hydrating complex, the fact it’s oil free and contains SPF25 AS WELL as being brightening. Phew! No wonder it’s been on my wishlist for so long.


There were also plenty of nibbles at the event, and we were all cooing over these amazing chocolate covered strawberries and mini amaretto biscuits.


I was also lucky enough to win a competition whilst there for a Bronze of Champions kit which I cannot wait to use over the next few weeks!

I’ll be back with a full review of the primer and foundation to see if it lives up to expectations….and trust me when I say I’ll be doing an extensive review of it’s lasting capabilities!

What’s your favourite primer? Have you tried Hello Flawless foundation?

Thanks again to the Benefit girls (particularly Rachel, Jo, Lisa and Alyson) for another fun event, they’re always a pleasure to attend and I always look forward to the next one!

L xxx

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  1. Anonymous
    May 30, 2013 / 1:48 pm

    Aww sounds like you had such a lovely time! I'm gonna have to get my hands on that primer, I already use the foundation and powder so I'm a third of the way there! 🙂 I enjoyed reading this post! Food looks yummy! xx

  2. Jodie Melling
    June 16, 2013 / 11:46 pm

    This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out. Jodie

  3. Laura Hyatt
    August 12, 2013 / 8:35 pm

    I just adore Benefit. I use their mascara and brow zing everyday. This event looks like so much fun. I bet it was good to try other products too. I've always wondered what their primer is like. Great post, lovely photos too 🙂 xHeroine In Heels

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