Glycolic Acid Peel First Impressions

L and I are currently holding a giveaway where you can win The Skin Regime book and a Glycolic Acid Peel sample. (you can read about it here). The peel was something we were both really excited to try after reading the book and seeing so many positive results from it. The peel strength we tried was 30%. The skin regime site contains well trusted suppliers of peels. With things like this it’s really important to only purchase from reputable suppliers.

It’s fair to say we were both really nervous to put it on our skin, it is an acid peel after all. It is important to start with really clean skin. We both cleansed with dove soap and a muslin cloth then used alcohol wipes (we couldn’t find rubbing alcohol as suggested in the book) the purpose of the alcohol is to remove the oil from the skin.


The solution is a clear liquid. I’ve dispensed mine into a pot so I can use it again. The solution is put onto a cotton wool pad and swept over the skin, starting on the cheeks and working your way round the rest of the face trying to avoid the corners of the neck and mouth. The cotton pad is then swept over the neck.


This is my skin before, as you can see it has a natural red tone to it anyway.

You only leave the solution on for a few minutes no more. We both interpreted this as 3.5 minutes. It definitely made my skin tingle at first. This is normal and expected. I did consider washing it off at this point but decided to stick it out. The stinging did stop after a while.

It’s normal for the skin to appear red after and sometimes peel. Both of us round there was a touch of redness to the skin but no peeling and the redness didn’t last. We both did it early evening, in case our skin went red so it would be cleared by the morning.

After the time is up, you rinse it off and then re-cleanse with the dove soap and apply moisturiser. I applied moisturiser again before I went to bed.


My skin after. The photo doesn’t show much difference but I think it does look smoother and slightly shinier. As you can see it’s not much redder and there wasn’t any peeling.

Immediately after removing the peel I couldn’t believe the difference. My skin on my forehead looked instantly smoother and my pores looked a lot better. Around my nose was smoother too. Almost similar to when you pull of a pore strip and it’s smooth. L noticed her skin was a lot more plumped. We were both excited to see how it was in the morning. L noticed her skin was so soft in the morning and the slight lines on her forehead had almost disappeared  I was impressed with how soft my cheeks felt and how much better the pores on my nose looked.

We both couldn’t wait to do another peel but it’s not recommended to do it again for another 7 days. I can’t wait to do it again and hope the results continue to improve my skin.

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Love M


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