H and M haul and Discount Codes

My mum is a right little bargain hunter lately.  I’m always getting texts through telling me of a new site she’s found or bargain piece.  I keep telling her I’m trying to be good and not spend.  My spending ban really did change my spending habits.  Lack of money probably adds to it as well.

My mum sent me a text last week to tell me she’d found a dress on H and M for only £3.99. She kindly offered to buy me it and told me to get a few more bits.

Here is the bargain dress.  Full price is only £7.99. I love the simplicity of it and how easy it is to wear. It comes in four colours.  Unfortunately you can only order one per order and you have to spend over a certain amount to spend online (I think it’s £7). I went with the leopard print.  I love leopard print but think it can be hard to wear.  I decided the style of the dress would save it from being tacky!

One thing that annoyed me with all the items I ordered was the sizing.  You either have the option of size 6-8 or 10-12 being a size 8-10 I was unsure what size to go for. In the dress I went with 10-12 as I thought it would look better if it was a bit if a loose fit.

I’m always on the look out for baggy but shapely jumpers.  I loved the mix of neon and grey in this jumper.  I went for the 10-12 in this so it was looser but I do with I’d gone for the 6-8 now. It’s still very wearable and easy to throw on with a pair of jeans. It’s also a lot lighter material than I expected meaning it’s perfect for the spring weather we are having. It’s also on sale for £5 here.

Lastly I picked up a black and white striped cardigan.  Cardigans are something I always need but never buy (along with leggings!) I got this in size 6-8 as my top half is generally smaller.  Sizing is so annoying like this. I wish it would just be sized normal! The cardigan does fit fine.  I wear it half unbuttoned as buttoning to the top doesn’t suit me! This was in the sale for only £4 here.

Delivery is £3.99 I personally hate having to pay for delivery.  I wish H and M would follow other stores and have the option to delivery to store for free! Not only that delivery was very slow!  I ordered it on a Tuesday night.  Got an email to say it was despatched on Thursday but didn’t receive it till the Thursday after! The delivery was within therr estimated time.  Albeit the last date but when I’m paying for delivery I think a week maximum is the most to make someone wait not 8-9 days. What’s your thoughts on delivery times? What do you expect to wait?

Anyways after seeing delivery charges I googled to see if I could find a H and M discount code. I actually found two and was able to use both.  On the forum’s I was on the £5 off code is one people have been using for a while.  The code for this is 1304. I also found one for 25% off the most expensive item. The code for this is 0241.

Using these codes I managed to reduce my bill down to just over £10. It was a bargain but lately I find H and M don’t have great service.  In the store in town L and I have experienced rude customer service I hate it when stores have a few stuck up sales assistants as it really puts me off! It makes me not want to visit the store.

Do you have stores have you are put off of due to sales assistants?

H and M really do have some great bargains and do good basics.  I think I’ll have to start going to the other stores.

Love M


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  1. RosyChicc
    May 27, 2013 / 1:15 pm

    LOVE the neon jumper, I've been wanting a similar one for ages! :))Andrea | RosyChicc ❤

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