Origins Starting Over Eye Cream

Another of my skincare beauties for you to read about today 🙂

As you know we are both fans of Origins as a brand and a trip to Cosmetics Company Outlet normally throws up another Origins purchase for me seeing as the products have a discount, it would be rude not to!

This time I picked up their Starting Over Eye Cream, which claims to be age-erasing and contains Mimosa.


The box blurb states it also has Fennel Seed to reduce appearance of crows feet and eye area, also smoothing out the crepiness on your eye lids and hydrating them all in one swoop!

This is what I like to read, multiple benefits in one tiny little pot!


The tiny pots for eye creams are great, I love how they are all of the same design and only the lower pot colour changes.
Owning this and GinZing and Eye Doctor the three of them look quite good together piled up! Though all have different functions so I don’t feel too badly about it…

This pot houses a thick white cream that applies to your eye area and sinks in surprisingly easy considering its thickness.


I was surprised it was absorbed so well as it feels so dense when you touch it in comparison to other eye creams which are comparatively lighter in texture.
However this absorbed just as easily as lighter creams and I’ve had no reaction from my sensitive eyes.


I do always get a little annoyed at the pots for their functionality. Although they’re quite cute they’re not very practical and I end up digging my fingers in for product and getting it all inside my nails which are usually long.
This kind of freaks me out with the amount of contamination the moisturiser has when used twice a day for a long period of time, and the loss of product from constantly wasting it underneath my fingernails!

I should use a cotton bud to remove product from the pot but again this is wasteful so I won’t do that and my hands are normally clean when I apply this anyway….it’s just a little bug bear of mine at the moment!


You can see the cream above and below and how easily it sunk into my skin.
It feels very hydrating and for that reason I do believe it has helped with some fine lines that have started appearing around my eyes.

I don’t have too many but I believe prevention is better than cure so will be applying this as much as possible to prevent any more from appearing!


Have you tried any eye creams from Origins? What’s your favourite eye product?

L xxx

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  1. Melissa B
    May 18, 2013 / 8:29 pm

    I've been obsessed with reading up on eye creams lately. I want to try them all. I haven't used any of the origins eye creams before, but those are the ones that sound the most interesting to try. I can't wait to try this!

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