Review: Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

Back in April me and M booked to have our make up done by an international make up artist at Laura Mercier in Harvey Nichols in Bristol’s Cabot Circus.

Unfortunately the make up artist cancelled which was a shame but we went along anyway as we’d put a £10 deposit down which we could use to purchase any product so we went for a makeover.

We both ended up picking up a few items….but we were intrigued with the Undercover Pot and snapped it up!


The Undercover pot contains a Secret Camouflage, Secret Concealer and Loose Setting Powder in number 1. 



You can see on the picture above where each product is inside the casing, but lets have a look at it:


I love how simple this design is! The flip top lid is really secure but opens easily, contains a mirror and both concealers and the top part screws off the show the setting powder beneath.


The left hand concealer is the Secret Camouflage and is yellow toned. It’s best for imperfections, scars and blemishes as it balances out the redness and helps to even out the skin tone. It’s also oil free which helps to keep the concealer on the skin and makes it last longer.

Secret Concealer is in the right pan, and is pinker toned with slight illuminating particles in. This one is best for under eye circles as it combats darker circles and is emollient based so applies to delicate undereye skin easily without tugging.


The Setting Powder is lightweight and translucent, making sure your perfectly applied concealer stays put and leaves a velvety soft finish.

I have some photos below to show the difference when using it under eyes and on blemishes.

For the record I had already applied the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, as I would normally apply foundation before concealer.

So the undereyes. On the left is before, and the right, after. You can see an improvement in the right picture with the concealer applied. I was clearly having a long week when I took these though as my bags are AWFUL!


In reality the bags were a lot more covered up than this picture shows and I think it may be the camera flash that stops the effects from showing as they look pretty covered to me!
It was really easy to apply and didn’t irritate my skin at all.



Here it is applied to my cheeks where I have a few scars and spots in the centre. They’re mostly covered by foundation but you can still see them. The concealer does cover them up perfectly, and makes them less visible and it stays put very well.

The only downside to the concealers I found was that they do settle into lines, especially under my eyes as my eye lids are just that shape that there have always been lines underneath. This is helped by the setting powder but I do find I need to reblend it back in after a few hours.

Have you used any Laura Mercier concealers?? What did you think?

L xxx

I’ve been wanting to try Laura Mercier products for a long time now, I’ve heard so many positives about the brand I couldn’t wait to try them. I love the idea of this post holding concealers to suit any problem and a powder all in one compact packaging. I’ve been visiting home a lot lately and products like this are handy to take with me.

I really love the setting powder, it’s soft to the touch and a true translucent powder that lasts all day on me without shine. It also helps to hold the concealer under the eyes.

The secret camouflage wasn’t a product I expected to like at first. This concealer feels very hard in the packaging. When you rub your finger in it you feel like no product comes out onto it (I find brushes don’t work great with this). I think the heat from fingers helps to melt this product. It feels like no product is on your finger but when applied to the face it is super pigmented and blends simply into the skin and looks invisible. It’s perfect for spots, it perfectly conceals them and lasts all day. I love this concealer and will definitely repurchase this item separately. I think it’s going to last me ages though.

Onto the product I wasn’t as keen on in the trio. The secret concealer, as L mentioned this is pink toned and for use under the eyes. It does brighten under the eyes but I found creasing like L did. I can’t help but compare this to Benefit Erase Paste (review here) and to me Erase paste is better. I find the Secret Concealer isn’t as thick and I do struggle to blend it smoothly and flawlessly. It also seems to be going down at a rate quicker than the Secret Camouflage. I can’t see this lasting very long unfortunately.

Have you tried any of the Laura Mercier concealer products?

You can pick up this trio for £29 from John Lewis here the secret concealer on it’s own is priced at a reasonable £18.50.

Love M


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  1. Roxy
    May 20, 2013 / 2:36 pm

    Annoying how the MUA cancelled but at least you got an awesome product :DRoxy's Box of Tricks  xxxx

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