Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer

This was another product I was lucky enough to win in the Bourjois Competition I entered. I’d heard so many good things about this, it was actually the bronzer I recommended L picked up a few weeks before I won it.


I had heard it wasn’t super pigmented but this is actually something I look for in a bronzer. Being naturally very pale skinned a pigmented bronzer is just hard for me to work with. Especially as I tend to use them for a contour product and less is definitely more.


The Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer definitely reminds me of my all time Favourite Liz Earle one (you can see reviews on it on here. Both offer a soft colour without being orange toned or shimmery on the cheeks.


The packaging is cardboard which to be honest I don’t love. I think it will look ruined quickly in my make up bag if I take it out with me lots. I do like that it opens up like a book though and the magnet is pretty strong. As for the chocolate scent. I’ve not noticed it yet.

The bronzer is a fair size and as you only need a small amount of product I can definitely see it lasting a while. Only a little is needed for a soft contour!


As you can see from the swatch the colour can be built up for a more intense bronzed effect. It would be great during summer for a bronzed make up look.



For an everyday look I love how soft it can look. It’s perfect for everyday use. I will be using this as my everyday bronzer now and keeping my Liz Earle for nights out.

Have you tired Chocolate Bronzer?

Love M


I’d been looking for a bronzer for a little while, I already own Benefit’s Dallas which I absolutely adore but as it has some shimmer I can’t wear it all the time.

When M suggested I get this I was all for it, I’d heard great reviews and it was in a deal for a free mascara so of course I snapped it up.
The packaging is a little annoying as I know it won’t last long but still, I like that it’s like a book and the magnet is pretty sturdy so I have no worries about that.

As for the product….


I love it. The lower pigmentation level means this is almost foolproof for me which is great at 6am when I’m applying my make up for work. It’s so easy and I use so little that I can imagine me using this for a very long time. I like the cheekbones it gives me by contouring my face. This combined with a coral blush is my perfect  combo!

As for the smell….can’t say I’ve noticed but that’s good cos it might make me hungry!

What do you think of the bronzer? Which is your favourite?

L xxx

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  1. The Style Khaleesi
    June 16, 2013 / 11:59 pm

    I don't normally go for bronzers as I think they might look daft on my pale skin but this is a really nice colour on both of you! Might give it a try and see how I get on

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