Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

A few months back we both made a trip to Bristol to have our make up done in Harvey Nichols at the Laura Mercier counter. We do have a counter in Cardiff, but at the time of booking an international make up artist was to be visiting Bristol when we booked and it was a great opportunity to learn some new tricks.

Unfortunately the week or so before our appointment the international MUA decided to leave to go to New York a few days earlier than planned and so we couldn’t have our make up done. But having booked our trains etc to go we decided to have a wander around Bristol on the way to staying at M’s parent’s home for the weekend.

Having put a £10 deposit down I was already quite sure what I wanted to spend my money on and stuck with my decision, for once! And also, quite proud, I didn’t buy anything extra either!


The MUA from the store itself was lovely and chatty and as we’d both booked for the same time we had different girls and sat opposite each other with a glass of champagne (at 11am too! why not eh)

My MUA went through the options with me and talked about my skin and what look I wanted etc as you would expect. I chose my colours and then she got stuck into it.

I was massively surprised at how well the colours of Silk Creme foundation matched that of my own skin. I had fake tanned for that night out and the colour down from this (think it was Rose something?) blended into my skin leaving absolutely no trace whatsoever but gave a flawless base.
I took a gamble and went for the colour up from that for my purchase knowing that tanning is a fortnightly occurrence in my life and not regular enough to buy that shade.


Luckily for me it was perfect! Medium Ivory blends into my skin colour so perfectly it is quite unbelievable, I still am shocked to find such a good natural colour that doesn’t white me out or make me look orange, it doesn’t leave my skin looking patchy or even like it’s got make up on at all.

With regards to the packaging I think it’s really simple, Laura Mercier is a n understated brand and the packaging of everything is quite minimalistic and natural.


The foundation itself is definitely thicker than most I’ve used before, it lives up to it’s ‘creme’ name but means that you need a minimal amount to cover your face.

You can see it on my hands below. The first shows a small blob of foundation which you can see is really thick and not likely to run on my hand. The second is as I initially started to blend the foundation and it sort of starts to ‘melt’ for want of a better word.



The last picture you can see is after it’s all been blended in. My hand looks flawless and glowing and you can’t really see the make up on the skin as you can with others.

But enough of my hand, here it is on the face!

First off here’s a close up, my skin looks pretty blemish free, no scars yet the foundation has blended in without leaving much of a residue or coating as others do.



There are no visible lines of colour change around my hair line in the photo above and it hasn’t settled into any of my ‘laughter lines’ around my eyes. (I’m 25 so can’t possibly have wrinkles yet….)


Overall I am a big fan of this foundation. It blends quite easily after working it for a while, as I mentioned before it seems to warm up on the face and ‘melt’ which gets it to that flawless finish.
Retailing at £33 this foundation isn’t cheap. I do begrudge paying that amount on a foundation knowing that I still need to apply a load of other products to my face which cost as well.

I’m hoping that cost per wear will bring this higher up in my list of foundations, to be honest its pretty high up there the more I use it as I know it will give me a great base that lasts and also photographs beautifully.
But if it was a little cheaper I’d be more inclined to purchase it again. Maybe in the future when i don’t have 15 foundations it will seem a better investment!

What do you think of Silk Creme foundation? What other Laura Mercier products have you tried? Would you spend £33 on a foundation?

I was actually really disappointed with the make over that I was given. Being quite pale with dark hair I was surprised when I looked in the mirror at the end and found ginger coloured eye shadows, no eyebrow products at all and really awful eye shadow blending looking back at me.
I have no doubt that the base was perfect, and the lipstick she used on me was outstanding and it’s firmly on my wishlist due to the colour and consistency. But the general look was awful and I ended up wiping off the eyeshadow as soon as I could get to a bathroom and as the make over was supposed to be for a night out later that day it was really disappointing to have to remove it all and start again.

Have you had a makeover by them before? What did you think?

I’d go back again as some of their products were great but I’d probably make sure I didn’t get the same make up artist again.

L xxx

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  1. Michelle Rose
    June 6, 2013 / 7:37 am

    Great post lovely! I'd love to try this foundation but don't think I have any counters near where I live 🙁 I would definitely spend a lot on a foundation as it's so important to get it right. And I had a MAC makeover once, it didn't go too well! From a distance I looked fine, but close up it looked like I had about three inches of makeup on! xx Thou Shalt Not Covet

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