OPI – 007 Bond Girls Liquid Sands

I’ve mentioned a few times how obsessed I am with James Bond. And how obsessed i am with nail collections.

Obviously when the Bond Girls Liquid Sands collection came out I had to snap it up.


I only picked up the mini collection though (slightly redeeming myself…) which contains 4 out of the 6 polishes. This leaves me wondering why on earth they didn’t just do a mini set of all 6, or split it into 3?

I’d have still bought it and most others would too. I love some of them so much I’ve requested my Americna friend to send some over for me, assuming they get through the post GODDAMN INTERNAITONAL MAIL RULES.

This mini collection contains Jinx (Halle Berry), Vesper (Eva Green), Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) and Solitaire (Jane Seymour) and all are Liquid Sands, the latest in nail decoration to hit the masses.


First up is Jinx.

This is my absolute favourite and request number one from my friend.

Just LOOK at it.


It’s corally, with a gold shimmer and a beautiful texture.

It looks like fire, and part of me wishes that Hunger Games could get a few of these liquid sand polishes out for the next film as seriously, wouldn’t Catching Fire make a great liquid sand polish??

Wondering aside, this beautiful polish was the first Liquid Sand polish that i have tried and subsequently have fallen in love with them all. Sometimes a fad just hits the part where you were wondering why on earth so many variations of nail art existed and you totally understand.


It actually mesmerises me and I’ve put my order in for a full size so I can continue to coo over my own nails like a weirdo!


Below shows the first image of Solitaire.


Solitaire is a shimmery white liquid sand polish that is described as being a ‘diamond white’

Please excuse my appalling application in these pictures as I was far too excited to concentrate.

Diamond White is definitely the correct description for this polish as the silver glitter in it perfectly sets it off.


I’m not one to wear a shimmery white polish as it reminds me too much of my nan who thinks she’s very cool for wearing it, but i will take all of that back for this beauty. If only i had a tan to set it off with! It would look even better then!


Pussy Galore is as you would expect, a cute baby pink shimmer.

This was super easy to apply and was completely foolproof. The others were easy to apply too and mostly I only needed 2 coats for each, but this polish applied like a dream and instantly looked great.


I’m also not much of a baby pink girl, I prefer hot pinks and reds but this is a very welcome addition to my collection and will certainly get a lot of use over the summer.


I’ve even worn these to work and haven’t had any comments, which is good as my neon colours have caused quite a stir! The Bond colours are clearly more acceptable ha.


Below is the final in the collection, Vesper.

In the films, Vesper is one of my favourites. She’s so British and I think Eva Green is beautiful, she’s also in the first film with Daniel Craig as Bond, which means I love Casino Royale more 😉

This purple perfectly matches the dress she wears in the film.


This one was a little harder to apply and I think 3 coats would have been preferable for the perfect finish.

Having said that it is a beautiful aubergine purple and will be perfect for autumn and winter when berry colours take over (possibly my favourite time of year!)


You can see in the picture above where the polish looks thinner. It’s not so apparent in reality but you can just see it, which means in my opinion that a third coat is needed.

This one is also not glittery which is probably why it shows up flaws more as the light is being diffracted all over place distracting your eyes!


Overall as my first mini OPI collection I was very impressed. I also bought the OPI Oz mini collection too which will be in an upcoming post.

Jinx was my ultimate favourite and as I’ve mentioned I will be getting it in the full size. Pussy Galore and Solitaire are the shock likes in this collection as I didn’t think they’d be anything more than pretty nude colours, but I was proved wrong. Vesper will have to be brought back out at winter time as its such a deep purple, but then it will definitely be used and I’m looking forward to it.

Also in the collection is a gold called Honey Ryder (also on my list to come from America!) and Tiffany Case, a really pretty baby blue. I won’t be trying Tiffany Case as I’d have to buy the full size to try it, but you never know, I’m a sucker for owning a full collection!

I hadn’t thought to try nail art with these yet, but Polish You Pretty did the most amazing ombre effect with Vesper and Honey Ryder that I had to show you….AMAZING!!

What do you think of the Bond Girl collection? Do you like the Liquid Sand effect?

L xxx

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