Beauty Rehab

Good morning ladies!

I hope you’re excited for the weekend!

I have been rather sneaky the past 2 months….as I have actually been on somewhat of a spending ban but just couldn’t bring myself to admit it to anyone apart from M. In previous ‘bans’ I’ve cracked under the pressure and lure from working in Boots and seeing new products EVERYWHERE.

However now that I no longer work there and am instead surrounded by drugs and chemicals and spend an hour driving to and from work each way my free time has been considerably shortened and i now spend my weekends doing things, as opposed to shopping.

So basically what I’m saying is……..I’VE MADE IT 2 WHOLE MONTHS WITHOUT GOING ON A SPREE!!!!

There are of course a few exceptions to this statement. I did buy a lipstick and blush (totalling £20) as a congratulatory present to myself at the end of June, which I’m allowing once a month in a bid to keep me on track.

Then i found out that my Debenhams Beauty Card points were about to expire, and £15 was not worth losing! So I hotfooted it to my local store and bought Benefit’s Erase Paste at M’s insistence which had 10% off at the time and therefore cost me £2.55 (I feel this is surely acceptable!). I also picked up another lipstick from MAC as I had enough empties for a free one.

Lastly I picked up a No7 eye make up remover using my £5 off voucher meaning I only spent £3 on it so it is in fact another bargain. So in total I spent £25.55 in the past 2 months.

It is true I broke the spending ban but for those bargains how could I not??

As a result of my lack of spending I have been powering through my stash in a bid to reduce it down. Nobody needs enough to please an army of thousands of girls so here’s what I’ve managed to use……..


This has been my storage bag for all of the products I’ve managed to use. I’m going to keep it in my wardrobe and write whenever it gets full as that seems to have worked for me so far.

Here’s the contents of said bag after 2 months:


I think i did ok didn’t i??

Let’s have a closer look.

Here are the small things:


Bit of a mish mash really. 4 concealers all of which were great. Collection probably wins in the price category and I have another already, but i did LOVE how hydrating Fake Up was which I’d consider repurchasing in the future (I have bought Erase Paste to compare it to!). The Origins serum was lovely but unfortunately only had 2 uses out of it so can’t say much for it’s effects.
The Soap and Glory scrub was brilliant as expected, and the Lush BIG shampoo was definitely interesting. It was a salt based shampoo that had huge granules of rock salt in, they almost scrubbed your scalp and hair in a gentle way before dissolving and then leaving your hair ‘big’, this worried me however due to drying out my hair.
The No7 is a great clear top coat that dries pretty fast and is worth it especially with the vouchers.
The Maybelline Rocket mascara was ok, not the greatest but pretty good for the price.


I think it’s safe to say that Soap and Glory are rated highly in my opinion, and Peaches and Clean was a surprising like for me. I thought it would be average but I have genuinely loved it and would repurchase after finishing off some other cleansers I have. It’s so easy to use and removes make up in a flash, including heavy eye make up.
Dove Summer Glow is my favourite tanning moisturiser and will always be repurchased! It gives me a base colour before I apply tan for a more realistic colour.
Origins Make a Difference Serum is amazing and I’d repurchase if I had the money! 


Vichy Normaderm products are really good in my opinion, they’re great for oily skins and troubled skins regardless of oil levels, and if you’re stuck for a product, definitely try one of these!
DiorSkin Forever foundation was a dream, literally. I loved it and would get it again!
Rimmel Recover was so glittery I would never get it again tho, they’ve moved on to Wake Me Up and that’s a lot better.

Etat Pur micellar water was ok, but it wasn’t as good at removing eye make up as I thought it would be.
Nioxin was an awful conditioner, firstly it was cooling which I’m not a fan of but this conditioner didn’t do anything for my hair.
Firminator was an S&G purchase form years ago that i still had, and have just finished. Again, its cooling which I don’t really like so didn’t use it regularly enough for proper effects.


TIGI shampoo is awesome, I’d repurchase this for the SLS free-ness, the smell, the pink bottle and the fact it’s often present in TK Maxx. Another Dove moisturiser which sunk in easily, I think that they’re really good for price.
I loved my Molton Brown shower gels and this purple one was my favourite smell.
Revlon Airbrush foundation is gorgeous but can be hard to apply. The mousse foundation also lasted forever and was so worth the money g/£.
The Origins moisturiser was amazing for my dehydrated skin so I’d repurchase this unless I can find a similarly hydrating one!

So that was just a quick run down as I don’t think its necessary to talk about every product.
What do you think of my empties? How long has your ban been going on for?

L xxx


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