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A few weeks ago we were contacted to see if we wanted to try a brand new kind of beauty box from America, Beverly Hills no less. I know we all think Beauty Boxes have had their day but genuinely, this one is SO different.

From the Lab is a beauty box that brings you products straight from the lab, the clue is in the name! These products have been sufficiently tested for use on the market…..but before any company has had a chance to snap it up, how amazing! You cannot get any more exclusive than that. They have an unprecedented relationship with some of the worlds top beauty labs meaning they ave access to products including skincare, haircare and colour cosmetics giving you the opportunity to try so many different types.

Not only is this a fabulous idea anyway….but with us both being fellow lab workers it was absolutely perfect for us! It’s like they made this with us in mind!

We were lucky enough to be sent a box to trial and here is our review of the contents…



I loved the pink box the products were delivered in. Simple and effective, its girly without being too cutesy and the bold print on the sides shows you exactly where it’s come from.

Upon opening the box I was faced with this, which was SO exciting, as we both absolutely love trying new primers:


Inside the box were two products arranged in the centre:


A Face Primer No 327 and an Eyelift Primer 328.

Me and M both absolutely love primers and have been on the lifelong quest for the perfect base, could these primers be the answer to our prayers??

The packaging is simple with a frosted glass bottle with silver and white pump head for the Face Primer, and a clear tube with silver twist lid for the Eyelift Primer. Both of these styles are perfectly suited to the products requirements, a wand is always easier to apply concealer with and it’s great to use a pump to dispense the correct amount of product.


First up is the Face Primer No 327.
The primer boasts of being Anti Ageing, Colour Correcting, Pore Minimising as well as producing a long lasting luminous base that won’t feel heavy or clog pores.
As far as I’m concerned that’s quite a promise!

The primer is applied straight after your skincare routines is complete, where it dries invisibly so you can wear it alone or under make up.


The primer contains a whole host of plant based ingredients including Peruvian Rhatany Root Extract for anti ageing via scavenging the free radicals, and also some synthetic ingredients that are still suitable for all skin types and are paraben free.

The primer itself is a white milky sort of lotion shown below:


This initially worried me as I thought it might come out a bit chalky, I know me and M are both pale but we don’t need to be washed out any further!
Thankfully though this was not the case and it blended in flawlessly leaving a really light covering on the skin that dried fast and didn’t feel tacky at all.

The photo below shows it blended in afterwards (the flash has made it slightly lighter in colour and not the product!)


I have used this primer when applying my make up for a multitude of events; work, gym, pub, night out and shopping and i can safely say that it has stood the test of time.
I am 100% happy to use this again and again and couldn’t believe how long my make up stayed on my face without sliding and how light it felt on my skin. It was also really nice and easy to apply, you barely need any to cover your face and I’d be happy to purchase this!

The only downside to trialling out products before they hit the market is of course they have no retail price, which means although I think it is a great product, this does not mean they should inflate the price! That’s me being selfish though as I’d love to get my hands on it but have a sneaky feeling it’s probably going to be out of my price range. Le sigh.

Onto the Eyelift Primer No 328:

This product also boasts a huge list of promises; nourishing the delicate eye area it also minimises appearance of wrinkles, diffuses light to provide an optical smoothing effect whilst being long lasting, crease free and helps keep eye shadow vibrant for up to 12 hours.

Application is super easy, wipe 2 swipes of the product onto a finger, and apply directly from your finger onto the eyelid moving from the inner corner outwards to the brow.
As the product is thicker than the Face Primer, it has no drying time and you can apply your eye make up as quick as you like.


This beauty contains Para Cress Flower Extract to stimulate collagen production and reduces fine line and wrinkles helping to smooth the skins surface. Coffee extract provides antioxidant benefits to fight free radicals and increase the skin’s natural defences.

The Eyelift Primer looks like a concealer, with a few shimmery particles in. It’s quite thick and this is why the drying time is so low. I prefer to apply this to the back of my hand as i would with foundation, and then buff it into the skin around my eyes.
I’ve used this under my eyes as well as on top to test it’s ability as an undereye concealer due to its luminous benefits and coffee extract (I hoped it would wake me up…!) but sadly this did not work as well as hoped as it did crease under my baggy eyes (how dare they do this to me at 25!)


You can see the Eyelift Primer No 328 blended into the skin on my hand and it blends so easily leaving no residue and has a luminous effect. On the lids it does seem to bind eyeshadow product to it at a greater level than other similar primers I have tried. It feels ‘dry’ and therefore the powder sticks to it? That’s the very technical terms there….obviously!

Anyway this was also a really great product and I can see me and M fighting over who gets to keep which one!


It has been an absolute pleasure to trial and write about these products, not only because they’re from a lab background which we obviously both work in but also because they both really work. The primer has worked on my ridiculously temperamental skin with no reaction and the eyelift primer made my eyeshadow last longer and give a more luminous effect…..winners!

What do you think of the Face Primer and Eyelift Primer? Do you like the idea of trialling something not yet on the market?

This really is the future of beauty landing on your doorstep! Now where can i buy the Face Primer?!

You can find their website here, and if you want to sign up for it it costs only $19.95 for the time being as it’s on special offer!

L xxx


As L had said we are both always after something to make our make up last longer. Especially in this heat. The Face primer glides on without leaving a heavy feeling on the skin. Which is definitely a bonus in this weather.

Unlike some primers it doesn’t leave the skin feeling like it’s coated in a layer of silicone but still works effectively at smoothing out the skin and helping make up stay better. I tend to apply my skin care, then the primer then do my eye make up before applying my foundation as I like the primer to sit on my skin for a while first. I do this with all my primers.

An eye primer definitely appealed to me. I’m a huge fan of eyelid primers and use them daily as I find my eyeshadow will crease on my otherwise so to use one under the eye was new to me. Unlike L I had opposite results. I loved using this under my concealer, for the past few weeks this has been the ever popular Collection one. I’ve found it helps my concealer stay on longer and even though the product is glittery it doesn’t show.

On the eyelid I found my eyeshadow still creased so I’ve just been using it under the eyes.

It’s safe to say we both loved the face primer and I can’t wait to find out the details on how I can purchase it. It’s light texture definitely makes it a winning primer for me. I also like the eye primer but due to the fact it doesn’t help my eyeshadow  stay well I probably wouldn’t re purchase.

It’s great to try an item blind so to say! Have you tried products without knowing the company or price?

Love M


Hopefully this doesn’t need to be said, but although these products were sent to us by ‘From the Lab’ we have not been sponsored or bribed in any way etc etc and these are our own views and opinions of stated products. So if we said it’s good, it really is!


  1. Beauty Balm
    July 17, 2013 / 9:14 pm

    This sounds a really interesting box! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Jess Holmes
    August 19, 2013 / 7:12 pm

    I love the packaging for this product, and it sounds like it works great, too! I'm always looking for inspiration for new products- my team recently received ISO 17025 lab accreditation to start testing our own line 🙂

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