Lush Event in Cardiff

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to the event at the Lush store in Cardiff to try out some of their products after hours which was great opportunity we just couldn’t turn down.




It’s fair to say I’m a huge Lush fan. At the event they were going through suggestions and I’d tried a lot of it. I   do tend to stick to what I know with lush products though. My cleanser of choice has always been Herbalism (you can read my Lush Skincare loves here).


Angels on bare skin works in a similar way. You only need just over a pea sized amount and mix with water in your hand to make a paste to apply to the skin.  The solid cleansers are great if you are travelling as they won’t leak. I find the pot lasts just over a month when used morning and night which is pretty good.

Angels on bare skin is a gentle cleanser that any skin type can use. It contains loads of natural ingredients which have different benefits.


Ground Almonds are used for toning and brightening, kaolin to absorb grease and gently cleanse, vegetable glycerine to soften and moisturise and other essential oils. The addition of lavender flowers help to gently exfoliate.

I love that if you return 5 lush pots you get a free face mask. It’s great that they recycle and give motivation to do so.


I do find this cleanser does sting the eyes so I do have to remove my eye make up pre cleanse which being lazy lately I have got out of the habit of. But using my favourite No7 make up remover sorts this out and is a step I should really be doing anyway (Review here).

I’ve definitely been converted to try the other cleansers. This one is great.

I really want to try some of the hair treatments after going to the event and I’m definitely interested in their henna hair dyes. Next time I go dark I’ll be trying them.

We also got to try the make up range. I absolutely loved the lipstick colours. They had amazing colours but I did find it almost peeled off so it’s not something I’d buy. They did have gorgeous eye shadow colours and liners that I definitely want to try though.

I think I’ll always be a lush fan and there hasn’t been much I don’t like.

Love M



I’m the opposite of M and am in fact a Lush novice. I’m not quite a virgin as I’ve been lucky enough to try their products before but I’ve never been that into it.

Most of the time I’m turned off by the fact the products have such a short use by date, as I’m a fickle creature and like to vary my products depending on current requirements as my skin has been quite indecisive of late. That combined with varying jobs in different environments and my skin takes a battering so I’ve always stuck to products less likey to go off so I can get my full use out of them as my needs change.

Having the chance to wander around the store after hours was brilliant, and I smelt and tried so many products that I wouldn’t have had the chance to with the usual crowds. Bohemian soap is probably the biggest thing on my wish list at the moment, the smell is actually unbelievable and I’d be half tempted to carry it around with me just to smell it!


That being said I was pleasantly surprised with how much i liked the effects from Angels on Bare Skin. The rough texture was daunting at first but my skin feels super smooth after using it for a few days and a longer time period after that I’m pretty impressed. My skin had no reaction to it and if anything has improved over the past few weeks.
I credit the almonds with this as I’m a huge fan of eating them so clearly in my cleanser they work wonders too 😉

It did feel weird effectively rubbing food on my face but knowing the ingredients were natural meant I didn’t think too much about it, and it smells pretty good.

I was lucky enough to be given a sample of their BIG shampoo as well, which I’m rather looking forward to. I’m saving it for the next time i go away so I can save on space so I’m sure there will be a future tweet with my thoughts!


Are you a Lush fan?? Have you tried Angels on Bare Skin? What’s your favourite Lush product?

I can see myself buying more if the results are so promising from all products!

L xxx


  1. Harriet Rosie
    July 7, 2013 / 8:42 pm

    So jealous you went to a Lush event!! They have some fab in-shower moisturisers which I love, and the Bohemian soap just smells so good! xxBlush & Bunting

  2. Laura Hyatt
    August 12, 2013 / 8:42 am

    I just tried the BB Seaweed, and it feels so good. This event looks great, I bet it was nice to try products you might not have thought of before. Great post lovely. xHeroine In Heels

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