MAC Palette and Depotting

I’m sure most of you will agree, owning a full MAC palette is 100% a life goal for a beauty obsessive.

I mean you only have to watch a few Tanya Burr videos or google it to know that they are seriously hot property!


Over the years I’ve picked up a few individual eyeshadows from MAC that I sometimes forget about, so I thought it was about time I got myself a palette so I can see all of my shades and use them a lot more.

I was also hoping having depotted them I could use them as a ‘Back to MAC’, as the rules are unclear as to whether you need the silver pan inside or not and it seems to depend on the MAC artist!

When I made my order I picked up the new double sided palette and also one insert so I could put my eyeshadows in and leave the other side for future purchases.


The palette is pretty standard in terms of shape and size but I like simplicity and MAC does this perfectly.

You just push the insert into the palette and it clicks into place firmly and there’s no way it will be sliding around.



There is also a clear plastic divider which is helpful in stopping products from transferring over to the other side and falling all over the place. This would be a great help if you didn’t have the insert as well as you can in theory get away with putting more products in without the insert.



You can see the other side without the insert in the picture above and it sure does look like a place that needs filling!


So after watching Fleur de Force’s YouTube channel I found out how to depot the pans of eyeshadow from the original containers. As you can see I’ve built up quite a random collection, some nudes, some blues and purples, and some shimmery blacks. A few were bought for me as presents, so I can’t wait to buy some more to make it a more seamless collection!


Basically as a quick run down you’ll need a knife, straighteners, greaseproof paper and some magnets, like you find on the back of fridge magnets.

Use the knife to slide into the front of the pot where you can pop up the part of it holding the pan, like the 2 on the left in the picture below:


Place the greaseproof paper onto the hot straighteners and place the part of the eyeshadow pot on top, hold it down for 30/40 seconds and you should be able to pop out the pan from underneath using the knife when the plastic is soft enough.

As the glue will be soft be careful as it might burn, but carefully apply a small piece of magnet using the glue.

You can then remove the label from the case using the heat and stick it on top of the magnet using a bit of the same glue (it’s quite stringy!) and then you’ll be able to keep the correct name with the correct pan.

You can then put all of your pans wherever you like and they will stick using the magnets and you can rearrange as necessary.

I’ve arranged mine as follows:


I’m hoping to pick up a few more over the next few years so I can have a ‘nude/daywear’ side, and then a funkier bright and glittery side so I can maximise my looks.


If money was no object it would also me amazing to get another and fill it with blushes, bronzers, MSF’s and powders for the ultimate in travel make up!

I’m so pleased I finally picked one of these up and it has definitely made me use some different colours for a change.

The palette itself is the new double sided large palette and costs £18, and the insert for the eyeshadows costs £6.50. The eyeshadow pans themselves cost £10 instead of £12 so you can save money by buying only the pans if you have a palette.

Do you have any suggestions for eye shadows i should get? Have you got a similar palette? Have you depotted your individual products into it like I have?

My quest for the ultimate palette begins!

L xxx

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  1. April-Lily
    July 4, 2013 / 1:21 pm

    that's so clever, I didn't realise you could depot them 😀 xxx

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