MAC Sunny Seoul Lipstick

As I’ve mentioned previously I have been saving my MAC products for some years now (about 10….) as I knew that they had a Back to MAC scheme but I wasn’t quite sure how it worked, how many you needed etc.

Needless to say after a few years of a MAC obsession I had culminated enough for an amazing 4 lipsticks, and this is number 2.

I have been keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather but as this isn’t happening I decided to get a pink lipstick and make my mood a bit sunnier on the days that I wear it!

This is Sunny Seoul:


When you take products Back to MAC you normally get given the lipsticks out of the cardboard box packaging.

I don’t really understand why as it’s not like you can take it back anyway but it is a little quirk that I’ve noticed, if anyone has a clue let me know!

So here’s the lipstick:


It’s a very pretty pink that’s great for day wear as it allows a wash of colour without being so overpowering that it detracts from everything else.
This is typical of the CremeSheen family of lipsticks of which I also own Creme Cup, Coral Bliss and Cross Wires (a newbie!). They’re so wearable and are an easy choice when you’re in a rush or can’t decide!


This is one of the most girly lipsticks I own. Most of the time I go for brights like reds and vibrant pinks or corals, so this was a welcome change to my lipstick wardrobe and one I can’t wait to use more of.

Here’s the lipstick on:



As you can see it’s really pretty and will suit so many skin tones, particularly pale skin. It’s a baby pink but not overly girly and ‘sugary sweet’.

Who knows, maybe it will win me over and I’ll become a Gossip Girl/Pretty Little Liars-esque baby pink wearing girly girl!

What do you think of Sunny Seoul? Are you a baby pink girl or a vibrant bright lover?

L xxx


  1. Lisa
    July 12, 2013 / 7:03 pm

    Such a cute color! -LisaThe Lovely Memoir

  2. Sarah N
    July 12, 2013 / 7:04 pm

    I have some empties to take back to mac, and have been debating what lipstick to get. This has just made my top 5 list. It looks so pretty. Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine

  3. Beauty Bird
    July 13, 2013 / 1:00 pm

    I think this is such a gorgeous colour! I'm definitely more of a baby pink girl myself, saying that I love MAC Plumful, which is a pinky plum xx

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