Review: La Roche Posay’s Toleriane Cleanser


I’m back again with another skincare favourite of mine today.

I wrote a few days ago about the infamous Effaclar Duo, one of La Roche Posay’s most popular products.

At the time there was a deal on, as always! And I picked up the Toleriane Cleanser too.


After a night out, I cannot be bothered to wash my face with hot water, cleanser and cloth.
BUT I feel bad if I only use a face wipe. My skin is finally getting to a good stage and I don’t want it to get back to how it was.

So that’s where the Toleriane cleanser comes in!


As you can see at the bottom of the picture above, this is a dermo-cleanser which will remove make up from face and eyes and works on all skin types including intolerant skin.

It’s a white gel cleanser that melts onto your skin and lifts all of your make up and dirt off your face.


It is SO easy to use I’m still a bit shocked. You don’t even have to wash this off your face, you can just let it air dry and the make up has still been removed from your face.

I love it!

At 3am after a night out, all I’m concerned about is taking my shoes off, getting into my bed and falling asleep.

This is the best product for this time of night as it’s so easy to use, actually works, doesn’t break the bank and my skin hasn’t reacted to it at all.



It’s also fragrance, surfactant, preservative and paraben free which is amazing.
This cleanser could be used by any age, any skin type at any time. I’ve used it in the morning when I’ve been in a rush (sleeping through my alarm…) coming in from work when I’ve had a long day and just don’t have the energy, and as previously mentioned, a little bit wobbly after cocktails.

You can pick up the 200ml bottle of Toleriane cleanser from Boots for £11.00 (or 1100 points!)

What do you think of gel cleansers? Do you love the ones that melt your make up off so fast you wonder why you’ve never used it before?

L xxx

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