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A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be sent some products to try from Outback Organics. I had seen them on twitter and seen lots of positive reviews on their products so when they asked for people to try stuff I sent them our information.

Outback Organics is a company from Somerset (my home town) so that intrigued me even more. It’s great to support local businesses. They’ve grown into a successful business which is used my professionals in salons and available to purchase online. We were sent three products to try. The Face and Body Scrub, Face and Body Wash and the Botanical Body Oil.


The Face and Body scrub was the product I was most excited to try. The scrub comes in a tube which I prefer in products. I’d much rather this than a tub as I find tubs like soap and glory end up with the product going gloopy as it gets water in it. As someone who uses an epilator unfortunately ingrown hairs are part of what comes with this method of hair removal. This product was developed to use prior to waxing or epilating to help prevent them and is gentle enough to then be used after and on the face.



I love multi-functional products. They are handy to leave my bathroom less cluttered. This product is a white cream with a soft exfoliation. No rough particles. The beads are a good size but don’t feel rough on the skin. The micro-beads are make from jojoba which helps to buff away dead skin without irritating it. I’ve used this a few times a week since receiving it. I’ve had no reactions to it and I’ve used it all over my body and face. It’s been perfect for the bits of skin left behind after spots and has helped with ingrown hairs. The scrub retails for £8.99 for 100ml. It’s also not tested on animals (big positive) and is free from synthetic chemicals. I also have to add the smell of this whole range. I love it. All the products smell very spa like, they are fresh, almost woody smelling. They smell exactly like spa massage oils to me. I definitely want to try the ingrown hair serum from this range.


The skin wash is another multi purpose product but I’ve been using this just on my face. This is from the tea tree range. Anyone with oily skin will know tea tree is great for helping cleanse it. I usually stay away from tea tree products as I find them over powering and while this smells of tea tree it isn’t as strong as I usually find them. The tea tree oil in this in organic and it also contains peppermint oil. The combination of these help to clean pores and prevent spots.


The skin wash retails for £5.99 for 100ml. I personally think this is a great price and this product will last a while. I like to use this in the mornings as it has a fresh scent to it. I also prefer to use a gel cleanser in the mornings. I feel like this is giving my skin a deep clean and leaves it feeling fresh and not greasy. This will definitely be a repurchase for me.


The botanical body oil is a product with four uses. It can be used pre wax, post wax, pre shaving and as a moisturizer. I’ve only tried it the last two ways. Being an oil I was definitely skeptical of putting it on as moisturizer. I don’t enjoy the feeling of being slippery. This took me a while to try out. After I did I wondered why. It really is a dry oil. Which is quite an unusual texture. When rubbed in it sinks into the skin leaving soft skin feeling that lasts. This has really helped my sun burnt skin. I’ve been applying it morning and night and so far I’ve not had any peeling (fingers crossed it stays that way). It’s really kept my skin soft.


I also tried it out under my shave cream (shampoos I didn’t like) and found it made my shave much smoother. I definitely like this as a moisturizer and a spray bottle is much easy than a pot of body butter. I’m a fan. This retails at £11 for 100 or £15 for 250ml. I know which size I’ll be reordering. If your a fan of dry body oils I definitely suggest trying this one. It’ll last ages too.

I’ve really enjoyed trying these products and it’s nice to find a new company that doesn’t test on animals.

You can purchase outback organics online from here and they have some great July offers on.

Love M


Unfortunately for me I had a bit of an allergic reaction recently, so haven’t been using anything new on my skin until it cleared up. You can see any pictures of it on twitter, but after a trip to a spa I was covered from head to toe in a pretty nasty rash which took a week of super strong antibiotics to get rid of. 

This meant that I haven’t been able to try the Outback Organics products as much as I’d have liked.

I have however used the products once or twice (without any reaction!) and I think they’re really great.

I tried the body oil first and that sunk in really easily leaving my skin with a sheen but not feeling greasy which a lot of body oils seem to do. It seems a lot drier than others I’ve tried and smells really fresh and clean, I’d definitely be interested in repurchasing this if the long term effects are as hydrating!

The face and body wash is also another that smells great. It smells of tea tree oil and from my childhood this always reminds me of being really clean and would be great for oily and blemished skin to fight off spots and kill bad bacteria on skin. It foamed up nicely too!

The face and body scrub felt really gentle and smells of rose I think? It’s a really soothing smell and my body and face both appreciated how gentle the scrubby bits were as they weren’t abrasive at all.

Another plus was the multi functional usage of the wash and scrub as you can use them on both face and body. This is perfect for morning showers when you are in a rush! 

I can’t comment on how they are over time as I’ve only just started using them, but on initial usage I really like all three products and would definitely be interested in looking at other products from Outback Organics.

What do you think of these products? Do you like multi functional ones?

L xxx

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