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Hi ladies!

I’ve been having an absolutely crazy past few weeks and cannot wait for this weekend to chill out and catch up on some much needed sleep and relaxation.
To top it off work has been hectic with so many people being off on holiday and leaving me to do things which is stressful seeing as I have only been there 2 months.
I cannot wait for my own space and time again!

A staple of my current work make up bag is obviously a brow product, I’m a firm believer in defining brows for your face and not fighting your natural shape. I love big and beautiful brows and I wish mine were a bit Cara Delevigne, but unfortunately I’m out of luck.

Instead I use this very trusty kit from Benefit, which you will of course have heard about. I know i seem a bit behind the times but it took me a while to come around to a brow kit and I have no idea why!



This kit is a perfect compact set of products and tools to shape and define your brows on the go or at home to set yourself up for the day.

It contains a wax for shape, powder for setting, tweezers for shaping and two brushes to help use the powder and wax.


As with all Benefit products it contains a booklet with a lesson inside, which are usually pretty good but this one especially was helpful when using a brow kit.
The technique can take a bit of practice to get your brows just right, so they’re not taking over your face but are neatly defined. It can be daunting and a bit off putting, but these lesson booklets are great.



The step by step guide as shown above is super helpful and typical of Benefit products.


I’m sure you’ll agree with me, the packaging is perfect! Super cute and perfectly compact, it’s contains everything you need. The black print on the outside is also pretty cool, I love all of their packaging but this is one of my favourites as it’s so simple.


There are 3 colours, light, medium and deep.
I have almost black eyebrows and super pale skin, which has meant that it has been hard to find a brow kit that is the right colour for me.
My brows, although dark, are not the red tone that lots of brow kits seem to have in the darker shade which is quite frustrating, but when M gave me this one to try I was amazing that the light was a perfect shade!


M has informed that apparently Tanya Burr also uses the light colour, which just confirms everything really doesn’t it!
I couldn’t resist having a quick use before photographing so let’s give me a quick slap on the wrist for that….

You can see the wax and powder in the photos and the tools that come with it:



I find this kit so easy to use i am annoyed at myself for not trying it before!
The photos below show my brow before and after using the kit (apologies for different lighting, my camera was having issues!)


You can see that without any product in them my brows are quite long but are patchy at the beginning and a bit straggly at the ends.
The wax allows me to create a more defined shape, and the powder fills in the patchy bits so they look more uniform.


I adore using the Brow Zings kit and I’m so grateful to M for giving me a spare one that she had.

It really has completely changed the way I do my brows and therefore my make up every day of my life!

Do you use Brow Zings? Have you picked a colour different to the one you thought you’d be?

L xxx

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