Coconut Oil

Happy Friday to everyone!!

I’m here today with a bargain beauty treat.

Everyone who’s anyone has been talking and raving about coconut oil for ages. The health benefits are so extensive, not only can you slap it straight onto your skin and hair but you can also cook with it creating amazing tasting dishes whilst also being low in bad fats.

I have been looking for ages for a tub of this but could only find large tubs for large amounts…..which put me off.

I did however find this bargain in Superdrug (thanks to M for telling me about it!) and snapped it up for a mere £1.78.


This tub of Coconut Oil is not the pure and organic product that you can cook with, but for £1.78 I was prepared to give it a go on my patches of dry skin and chemically treated hair.

You can’t cook with it because it’s hydrogenated and also contains parfum (which is a little annoying…) but for such a small amount of money I just didn’t care!


The oil is a solid white product at room temp but as soon as you scoop a bit out (try a spoon or get it under your nails – like i did!) it melts pretty quickly.

It feels so odd to apply this straight to dry hair but this is exaclty what you need to do and depending how dry your hair is, leave it on for a specific amount of time.
I left it on for a couple of hours before washing it out and conditioning as normal. It left my hair so silky smooth I couldn’t believe it.


I also put it on my dry skin patches such as elbows and knees and it sinks in so easily and my skin is no longer dry at all.

I really would recommend this for such a bargain price!

Have you tried coconut oil on your hair or skin?

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    August 3, 2013 / 7:44 am

    Haha I posted about this product yesterday too! It's a bargain! I use it on my eyelashes and lips as well xx

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