Label.m Honey and Oat Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner

A few week ago we were contacted by Label.m to see if we would like to try out their new Honey and Oat range.
Having tried their Protein Spray and absolutely love it (our post is here) we were really excited to try these as well.


The packaging is great, simple monochrome colours in square shaped bottles with rounded edges.

I’ve mentioned a zillion times how much I love simple so these tick all the boxes for me.
These Honey and Oat products were formulated for dry and dehydrated hair, which both me and M suffer with due to highlights and styling (doesn’t everyone!).


The first thing I can tell you about these products is that they both smell AMAZING. Such a warm and comforting smell, I couldn’t stop sniffing it in the shower!

The shampoo foams up really easily and my hair felt really clean without feeling stripped, which is probably down to the honey oat and sea kelp added in for moisture, strengthening and gloss. I love that it also contains an ‘Enviroshield Complex’ to protect hair from heat styling and UV rays.


The conditioner felt more like a lotion than other products which have felt heavier, and it seems to glide through the hair. The conditioner also contains Sea Cabbage for additional moisture and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.


The leave in conditioner felt more like a serum to me, it was so light it was almost like a gel consistency and when applied to the hair didn’t feel heavy at all. This uses ginger, ginseng, bergamot, juniper, mandarin orange and vanilla to enhance layers and control frizz for soothing and strengthening hair.


Having used all three for the past week or two my hair feels so much better, it feels cleaner and lasts longer between washes, and feels smoother and stronger than it did before.
It seems to be behaving a lot better style wise as well, which makes life a whole lot easier doesn’t it!

I’m normally quite lucky with my hair as it’s generally quite resilient but using these products has shown me how much better it could be. I’m not one to spend more on haircare for this reason but this collection of products is definitely worth the money and I think they’re reasonably priced for the effects you get from them.

Have you tried Label.m products? What did you think?

L xxx


After being so pleased with the other Label.m products we tried I was so excited to try these, especially as they are for dry damaged hair.

Firstly the smell of these won me over straight away, it smells amazing!! Sweet but not overly. The shampoo gave a good lather and left my hair feeling clean. Another good thing for me is that it didn’t make my hair fall out as I’ve found with cheaper shampoos.

The conditioner was definitely my favourite. It was a lightweight conditioner so didn’t weigh down my fine hair. Even though it was lightweight it definitely has helped make my recently bleached hair more manageable. I also like that silicone isn’t one of the main ingredients. It is on the list but almost one of the last ones.

Leave in conditioner isn’t something I usually use. I’ve been using this after shampooing and conditioning and applying just to the ends of my hair. These are really damaged at the moment so I’m trying my best to improve this. The leave in conditioner has helped prevent my hair from becoming tangled and makes it easier to comb when wet.

As my hair is dyed and processed a lot I always find I need better hair care for it and tend to go for more expensive brands as I find my hair reacts better to them and cheaper shampoos just don’t work for me. I personally prefer to pay more for hair care.

The shampoo retails for £11.95 and the conditioner for £14.95. I do think label.m products are reasonably priced and will continue to purchase them. Currently if you spend over £30 you get a free gift. You can order from

Do you prefer higher end hair care? Have you tried label.m?

Love M


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