Life Update

I have been a rather busy girl lately, so I thought a life update was in order.

I’ve had one of the best summers of my life so far, it’s been non stop and I 100% would do it all over again if I could!
Its included weddings, hen weekends, shopping trips, wild nights out at mansions (ooh errr!) and beach trips.

So I thought I’d share a few snaps whilst having a cup of tea and catching up on Geordie Shore.

Last weekend was a bit of a crazy one, me and M decided we were going to enjoy the bank holiday delights and planned on going out both Saturday and Sunday.

My motto personally is ‘go hard or go home’. It normally serves me well but dear god it did not this time.
We started off the night all glammed up and went for the LBD and heels look:


We were both pretty broke as we hadn’t been paid yet, so I dragged out the red absinthe that my brother had brought back from a holiday last year.
With it being 80% we both had 1 shot of it and hoped for the best, a decent buzz but no being sick or anything.


All I can say is this was my face for a good hour after the shot:


A fireball of aniseed is not what I find enjoyable and next time I’m broke I will be shotting it with something strong tasting to take it away! Bleeeeurrrgh!

Needless to say as this was the start of the night we had a bit of a mental one. We went to a mansion party and it was absolutely EPIC!
It slept 20 people so as you can imagine it was huge, and it had an indoor pool, hot tub, pool table, cinema and arcade games room amongst others which was amazing. We spent hours opening the doors and finding our way around which was so much fun!

The day after we weren’t much use to anyone and after a huge dominos order we ended up in the pub enjoying a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake before turning in, a second night was definitely not on the cards!


The day after I went to meet my family at our caravan for a day at the beach and some jetskiing.
I squeezed myself into my wetsuit and legged it onto the beach.
I love spending days doing this and I even managed to get a slight tan on my shoulders which was awesome.




Afterwards we got back for a bbq and had a massive steak which was LUSH


I’ve spent all week recovering from that weekend and in work I’ve been a complete ZOMBIE!
I’m hoping this weekend I’ll be able to recover and catch up on my sleep.

My biggest news is that I have actually bought myself a new car today!
It’s my first one that’s actually mine, I’ve always shared my mums car (which was lovely of her).

The past few months since I got my new job she’s lent it to me completely just so I can get back and forth to work and save up a bit more for my own, but with a time limit!
So I finally found one and went and picked it up today, I was so excited!


As my first car it’s definitely my baby and I’m so grateful to my parents for lending me the extra money I needed, hopefully I can pay them back before Christmas and all my debts will be cleared.
It’s so beautiful and a its a gorgeous ‘tornado red’ which sounds just perfect to me!

What have you guys been up to lately? Have you been on the spend or save?

After these few weeks I’m glad to be having a quiet one and hopefully will be able to save a lot over the next few months.
Any tips on saving money and doing things for cheap??

L xxx

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