L’Oreal Mascaras

What a horrible day!

I don’t know about where you are but it’s horrible and rainy here and it’s not supposed to be like this for a bank holiday weekend!

For the past few weeks I’ve been trialling some L’Oreal mascaras. They were on offer when I picked them up and I was really excited to try them out as they’ve both got good reviews

I picked up their Volume Million Lashes Noir, and False Lash Flutter:


Firstly I like that the mascaras are individually packaged with plastic so you know for sure that nobody else has had their sticky mitts over and have been using the wand on their own eyes…!

The mascara I used first was the False Lash Flutter. It has fibres in it, which I wouldn’t normally purchase as I’m a contact lens wearer, but as I’ve been wearing my glasses to work I thought I’d give it a go.


The packaging is pretty, nice and futuristic which always feels clean and functional in my view.
It’s quite a chunky size too which is great as I don’t like ones that are skinny, they’re harder to handle and I like them to be robust in case I drop them….(quite often!)


As I’ve mentioned this mascara has butterfly wing effect fibres. To be perfectly honest I can’t even tell that there are fibres in the product at all, which was a relief for me as my eyes are sensitive and would easily get irritated by them, as they have with lots of other fibre mascaras.

For me the innovative part was the mascara brush:


It’s more like a comb than a brush but has a winged end towards the handle which was hard to photograph so I’ve shown it above and below so you can see it better as it has a double winged end.
I felt that this helped catch the end lashes better and give them an extra coating.


You can see this mascara on my lashes below:


I like the effect it gives, it doesn’t cause clumpy eyelashes and picks them all up so they’re all separated individually. It didn’t flake off during the day and my lashes looked the same for over 16 hours during work and the gym which trust me is a lonnnnnnnnnnnng day!
I didn’t ever see any actual fibres which was good for my sensitive eyes but I didn’t see any benefit from it either. Maybe they do help as I did love the effect they gave.

Next up is Volume Million Lashes Noir:


I love the two toned colour of the tube and again it’s chunky which I’ve already mentioned. The colours look classic and sophisticated which is my favourite kind of packaging!


The brush for this mascara is in a slight figure of 8 shape which I found great for picking up the lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes.
This one is just a normal mascara without any fibres so it was a great comparison to the first one:


The photo below shows my lashes with the mascara and I feel they look a lot fluffier than when I used the False Lash Flutter, especially on the bottom.



I really liked the second mascara, Volume Million Lashes, a lot more than the False Lash Flutter. Both mascaras were great and I’d repurchase both, but the Volume Million Lashes mascara worked better on my own lashes as they’re already quite long, but need volume and curl so this worked better for me personally.

Have you tried any L’Oreal mascaras? Which were your favourite?

What’s your favourite mascara in general? I do love a new one, any suggestions send them my way!

Hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend, I’m sure you’ll see some picture from our weekend in the next few days!

L xxx

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  1. Chelsea Joan
    August 23, 2013 / 9:15 pm

    I'm moving from glasses to contact lenses so I'm glad you mentioned the fibres, otherwise I would have probably ended up as some panda-eyed mess! Great review as always :)Chelsea x

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