MUA Pro Base Conceal and Brighten Kit


Today I’m writing about a super cheap concealer palette from bargain cosmetics brand MUA.

I was in Superdrug picking up a 3 for 2 deal and couldn’t resist picking this up to try as my final item. It was a bargainous £4 at the time and I’m sure you’ll agree, a palette for £4 is always worth a try!

It has three different colours and consistencies to cover a wide range of blemishes that I was quite impressed with.



I assume there must be other colours as this kit comes in Porcelain-Beige, but I’m not sure as I would have automatically picked up the lightest colour!

I like that there are the three different shades and effects.
The first is a pinker shade and more illuminating, great for under the eyes.
The second is a thicker, creamier shade that’s great for covering redness from spots and other blemishes.
The last is a thicker and more duskier pink coloured concealer that would be great for scars and birthmarks.


These concealers are actually, dare I say it, really good for the £4 price tag.
I’d expect this to cost around £12 if I’d been shown it without any brand names.
All of the concealers are different and apply really easily with your fingers or a brush.


You can see the concealers when applied to my arm below:


In the photos below (taken at 6am in the morning rush…apologies for expressions and quality!) you can see where I’ve applied the first concealer (pink toned and highlighting) to my undereye.



It has worked really well at concealing dark circles and feels really soft and blendable.
I have only got foundation and concealer on in these pictures so you can see how much of a difference it makes!

I also then applied the middle concealer around my nose area where the skin is slightly redder for some reason. It sometimes looks like I have a cold…when I don’t!
As you can see below it has easily covered this up:


I was pretty impressed with the coverage of this concealer. As for longevity, it lasted pretty well throughout the day. I work in warm labs which is a bit of a test for my make up, my under eye concealer did crease but I would say most concealers do this to an extent. The concealer around my nose also needed to be reblended at some point in the day but it was easily done with my fingers which others you couldn’t do.

I’d say this was well worth the price tag and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a great multifunctional concealer palette!

Have you tried a palette like this? What do you think of MUA’s cheap as chips range??

L xxx

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  1. Blushingloves Irene Greece
    August 9, 2013 / 11:15 am

    it looks like a nice concealer, I have to try it!!Thanks for the review!Bisous doll!!

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