Review: Lush Oatifix

I’m a big lush fan and love trying out new products. The lush fresh face masks are some of my favourite face masks. I love how they are made using fresh ingredients and are cool to apply to the face as they have to be kept in the fridge.


I keep trying different face masks at the moment as my skin is playing up a bit. I seem to get really bad skin around my spots so decided I’d try a mask to add some moisture to my skin.

Oatifix is described as being good to cleanse, soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. I’ve been enjoying using this as it’s not irritating my spots and isn’t breaking me out. This mask smells amazing. It’s full of bananas, vanilla and oats which make it smell amazing. It also contains oils to help reduce redness.


It is quite a lumpy mask and can be a bit messy to apply. It does seem to melt onto the face and feels comfortable while it’s on and doesn’t make my skin feel tight. When I was it off the oats help to lightly exfoliate my skin. It leaves my face feeling so soft.


In the pictures I’ve used the mask twice and there is still loads of product left. I think I should get about 8 masks out of this one which will be two a week for the month which makes the masks pretty good value.

This one was actually free for me as I took back 5 pots. As lush try to promote recycling if you take back 5 clean black pots you get a free face mask.

Have you tried lush face masks? Which one is your favourite? I really want to try the love lettuce one next.

Love M


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