Benefit’s Erase Paste


I’m sure you know by now that me and M are both BIG fans of Benefit.
The quirky packaging has a great sense of humour and contains products that actually work.

M has previously posted about Erase Paste but I just had to post about it after I finally picked it up almost a year after she raved about it….



The packaging says ‘Signs of stress and fatigue are a thing of the past’, I could definitely do with that happening! I’m up at 6am every day and get home at 6pm so it’s a full 12 hour day for me before I get any kind of rest time.
Because of this I certainly need my under eye bags and blemishes completely covered.

Benefit claim the concealer is creamy and concentrated but blendable for instant brightening to conceal dark circles, discoloration and imperfections.


The instructions are pretty simple, and the box contains not only the concealer but also the spatula mentioned and the tips and tricks booklet inside every Benefit product.

I picked up the ‘brightening camouflage’ in No 1 Fair as I’m a super pale individual.



The product is a slightly pink colour, a bit like skin colour but with some extra brightness and illumination added to it.

I do have an issue with the pot, it’s so awkward to get anything into to get the product out. The spatula was great….until it disappeared to the depths of my make up bag and hasn’t been seen for months.


When my nails are relatively short, it’s easy, when they’re longer its a nightmare as I’m wasting so much product and getting it everywhere.
I have found a brush that I can use with it now which has helped a lot, I apply it with a thin concealer brush from MAC (can’t remember the number sorry) and dab it on blemishes until it’s blended. When applying to my under eyes I use the Real Techniques Expert face Brush as I find it covers the area just as well and faster, as speed is key for my morning rush!

You can see the results in the photos below:


(Again, please ignore my brows, this was pre wax..)

I have no other make up on in these photos so apologies for scaring you!

You can clearly see in the photo below the massive difference in how much it covers. My under eye dark circles are dramatically reduced and my skin tone is evened out.
Imagine if I’d applied foundation with this as well, my skin would look completely flawless and dare I say it….perfect?!


You can see that the dark circles have been significantly brightened and a hell of a lot better than without!

After seeing my skin under the focus and zoom of my SLR I’m definitely going to be applying it all over…


What do you think of Erase Paste? Do you love the brightening and concealing effect it has?

I picked mine up from Debenhams during one of their 10% off which meant I only paid £17.55 for mine.
Normally I’d think it was expensive for a small pot of concealer, but this pot has lasted me around 6 months so far and I’ve used it most days on undereyes and blemishes.

L xxx

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