Ebay Beauty Blender Dupes

I’d seen so many reviews on the beauty blender and so many people saying it was amazing I just had to get one. Especially after I was having issues applying my Illamasqua skin base and a beauty blender sponge was recommended.

I’m someone who’s always after a bargain and spending £10+ on what is essentially a sponge is something I couldn’t do, especially after I’d heard they do need throwing away regularly as they don’t wash well.


After being suggested ebay dupes I straight away ordered one. I have heard that the pink one’s work the best and some of the others don’t swell up in the same one so that’s something to consider (sorry if it was you who suggested this on twitter I can’t remember who it was now).



Dry and wet of the sponge I don’t like. As you can see from comparing the leaf it’s next too it’s barely changed size.

I’ve since ordered two sponges from eBay and was disappointed to find one was amazing and one wasn’t! Apparently all the ones from china aren’t the same. Lesson learnt there.

The first one I got was amazing, super soft, swelled up well when wet, and was light and spongey. The second one didn’t seem to swell when wet and feel tougher and stiffer. It makes it harder to apply to the skin and doesn’t give quite an amazing finish.


Original sponge dry and the sponge I don’t like wet

I love the shape of the sponge as it has a pointed end which is great for getting in around the nose and under the eye area.

The beauty blenders work when wet. Under the tap they should swell to almost double in size then you need to squeeze out all the water so it’s just damp. Using the beauty blenders does mean that you use more product but for the flawless finish it gives I can forgive it.


Original sponge wet. You can see how much this one has grown when it’s wet.

The big downside to using this type of sponge is the fact you can’t really clean it. From the first time you use it, it will be stained. I’ve tried various different soaps and was it immediately after use and just can’t get it clean. If you have any tips I’d love to know.

Though I have been using it for a month and I am yet to break out. Some people have found they have broken out using them but I always wash it after use with anti bacterial soap to help prevent this. It’s still in good condition but I probably will throw it soon.

I’m so converted to these sponges and I don’t mind that it uses more product as the finish it leaves is amazing. As they cost just over £1 delivered I don’t mind if I have to throw it away every 6-8 weeks.

This is seller I bought the amazing one from in pink and was £1.03 (now reduced to 99p). This is the seller I bought the one from that didn’t swell as well and wasn’t as soft!. Both images look the same so beware if you switch sellers as the sponges may not always be the same. I’m hoping my first one wasn’t a fluke.

Have you tried the beauty blender or the dupes? I’d love to compare the RT one to these.

Love M


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