Korres Lip Butters in Jasmine and Mango

Tonight’s post is going up much later than I planned. I’ve ended up spending the night in my kitchen cooking meals for the week. I much prefer cooking big meals all in one night so I can then reach into my fridge/freezer and have a healthy proper lunch or dinner at my convenience.

Anyway on to today’s post. I recently picked up a product I had heard so much about from beauty gurus. I wonder if it could be that good. Every time a product gets hyped up I’m put off buying it as I think it won’t live up to my expectations. 

Finally I caved and treated myself to two of the Korres lip butters. I got the shades Mango and Jasmine. For a while I wondered if they were worth it and wondered what category they fitted into. 



They remind me of a more moisturising version of a Sleek Pout Polish (reviewed here). The Korres lip butters have a thick glossy texture which apply to the lips smoothly.


They aren’t my favourite type of pot as I’m not a fan of something I have to stick my finger in but I do like the simplicity of the design and the fact the lids are colour coded to the product.

Here is the colour of my natural lips so you can see the difference in colour.


Jasmine is a soft nude. With I nude lip I tend to favour a glossy lip. I find otherwise they look a bit weird on me. The only non glossy nude lip I seem to be wearing lately is this Revlon one. Jasmine has quite a sweet smell to it and on me makes my lips appear slighty paler and glossier. I tend to wear this if I am wearing a heavy eye look for every day.


Mango is an orange red and I picked it up as I thought it would be a great introduction to orange for me as it’s a sheerer softer way to wear it. I love orange on other people but haven’t found my shade yet. The scent on this is slightly sickly falsely sweet mango which is a bit annoying but when on the lips it doesn’t make a difference. I love the colour of this on. It just makes my lips look like a glossier orange version of what they are naturally.


I really love the texture and the feel of the Korres lip butters. I do feel the scents are slightly artificial for my taste but that being said you don’t notice when they are on. As they are more of a glossy lipbalm they don’t have great staying power but I love that they are non sticky and don’t dry out the lips.

I really want to try the wild roses one as it looks a gorgeous colour. Have you tried the Korres Lip butters? They vary in price I’ve found but are only £6.40 at the moment on Look Fantastic which also offers free delivery (must resist ordering the rose one as I’m skint!!) Have any of you tried the stick versions? Are they are pigmented?

Love M


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