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I was lucky enough to be invited to London to the launching of a new Murad product at the Mayfair Hotel a little while ago. The hotel was obviously stunning and I can’t not mention how amazing the place smelt when you walked in. I could sit and breathe in that smell all day! They must pump it through the air con as it was a gorgeous scent.

I was escorted to the lift on arrival and told directions to the Amber Suite where the event was taking place.


We were met with champagne, diet coke, flavoured water, cupcakes, popcorn and nibbles which was lovely.



We were lucky enough to meet both of the Murad’s themselves; both Dr Howard Murad the brains behind the brand originally and his son Jeff Murad who has now taken over the development and production side of the business.

It was great to hear from both of them and really interesting to hear exactly how their new products work.
I loved listening to the explanation as being a scientist things made sense and I was pleased as although I’m scientifically inclined I don’t deal with skin in any way at all!



What I love about Murad as a brand is that they don’t just deal with the skin on your face as most other brands do, they deal with you as a person and understand the pressures of everyday life, general stress and environmental issues.


When leaving we were given a goody bag containing a gorgeous stripy make up bag and a full size of their new Pore and Line Minimising Hydrator.

The biggest introduction from the event was their new Replenicell technology. Basically Murad have created a new type of water. Water cannot pass through your skin and so applying products containing water actually dries your skin out.
Murad have created a new type of water where the water molecules are attached to special molecules which can pass through the bilayer of your skin, and therefore hydrate your skin at a greater rate than other products from other brands.


To me this sounds very scientific but also so simple, why on earth hasn’t anyone ever done this before?!
But Murad are known for being innovators in skincare and were the first to use glycolic acid in the way that it is so commonly used now for resurfacing etc.



You can read the vital points of the moisturiser on the box in the picture above.
These kind of claims always excite me, but I know having used Murad product before that if they’re not 100% fulfilled they will definitely have a positive effect on my skin and I cannot wait to start using it.


If you check back for my review in a few weeks I will endeavour to explain the Replenicell technology a little further for anyone wanting a fuller explanation.
I will also be sharing the terrifying image of my face under UV light and therefore all of the sun and environmental damage that I have….eeek.


A little message from the inside of the box…..Dr Howard Murad is full of these little quotes and I absolutely love them!
It was a pleasure to meet him and hear from his son about the new products too and I thoroughly enjoyed myself meeting lots of new people.

What’s your thoughts on Murad? Which is your favourite product?

L xxx

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