Origins: Make A Difference Skincare Kit

Good morning!

When this post goes live I will be sweating it out in the gym for the first time in ages, not that I haven’t been but I’ve booked myself onto Body Pump which I haven’t been to for a few weeks… I’m worried for my arms!

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we are both fans of Origins and of trying new products so this cute little set was everything I could ever want and couldn’t resist in the shop…

The Make a Difference (MAD) range is something I’ve tried before but haven’t tried any of these particular products. This set contains a cleansing milk, rejuvenating serum, rejuvenating treatment lotion and moisturiser.

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Let’s start with the cleansing milk….

This is a white lotion type cleanser, its very runny and therefore fits very well being called a milk (obviously!). You apply it to dry skin and then rinse it off afterwards with warm water. This cleanser was really good at removing make up and removed most of my eye make up but did need a bit of extra help on mascara, but I find most cleansers don’t get rid of it all anyway -or maybe I just cake it on?!

It’s lovely and moisturising so would be great for any skin type as it’s not heavy at all and my skin liked it.

 photo 034_zpsb8d26239.jpg

The treatment lotion was something that surprised me.
Let me take the time to mention that this entire range smells absolutely divine, it’s so fruity and zesty and just all round lovely that when it comes to using the treatment lotion I probably use it up more by smelling it in between uses, it’s that beautiful!
That said, the treatment lotion is lovely and cooling and removes any remainder of make up and cleanser. As a general non-toner user it’s been a lovely surprise to have enjoyed using this and I’d even pick it up again.

The serum is something I’ve mentioned before as it was an absolute dream to use! It’s been one of my favourite serums I’ve ever used but at £32 a bottle I just can’t justify it at the moment.
It sank into my skin straight away, smelt amazing and hydrated my skin without overdoing it. Loved it.

 photo 036_zps7b52e94c.jpg

Lastly the moisturiser, basically this was a moisturiser version of the serum. A thick white cream that hydrated my skin easily without overloading it and obviously smelt amazing too!

This whole range is amazing so I’d snap it all up again in full size without a second thought if I could afford the money and space. Hopefully when my stash has decreased in size by 90% then I will pick these up again.

Have you tried anything from the MAD range? Are you a serum fan?
Do you love trying out sets like this?

I always think its a great way to try new things out!

L xxx

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  1. Emma Kelly
    October 19, 2013 / 1:04 pm

    This looks so good. I think it'd really help my dry skin. Added to the Christmas list! XxGlossy Boutique

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