Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Some products get loads of hype. Especially it seems when products are built up pre release or released in America first. We all rush to get them but lately I seem to find myself finding the hype was better than the product turned out to be.

Baby Lips were something I’d heard so much about. Everyone seemed to have them and love them. They were a tinted lip balm that everyone seemed to love.

When L and I popped into our local Asda we decided to pick them up to test out. We both went with the cherry baby lips as we love red lips and colour on our lips.


The packaging isn’t something that appeals to me. It just looks bright and aimed more at a younger market in my opinion. I also prefer if they were going to be different colours that they were coordinated to the colour of the product.

As someone who likes fruity smells the cherry in this is very fake cherry. Not something I mind too much but I imagine for some it would be overpowering.



For me the texture was the most disappointing thing. It feels like a thin almost greasy coating on my lips and the tint wasn’t anything that wowed me. I guess I’d just come to expect more from the hype.


This shows the colour pay off and was after a few swipes.


My natural lip colour


With the product on. As you can see it leaves a glossy finish with a slight colour change.

They are very purse friendly though but for me they almost remind me of something you’d have as a child. For a lip balm I want something more balmy and for a lip colour I want more colour pay off. For tinted lip balms I think the Korres Lip Butters (review here) or the Carmex Moisture Plus have better moisturising and colours.

That sounds such a negative review but for me they just aren’t something I’d buy again.

How did you find the baby lips?

Love M


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