Benefit’s Bathina Body Oil Mist

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I was super lucky this week and won Benefit’s brand new Bathina Body Oil Mist in a twitter competition. I was so shocked as I never win anything and I was having such a bad day.
After a routine trip to the doctors on Monday morning I was stuck in traffic during the morning rush hour. As part of my morning commute I had to stop for a while in traffic next to a car crash and had to watch people being cut out of their cars which was terrifying. I’m not squeamish at all ( I work in a lab with bodily fluids, it doesn’t bother me at all!) but it really shook me up.

After finding out I won the competition it made my day! Once I’d got home and had a cup of tea with my mum and found out I’d won I felt so much better so thank you to Benefit.


Alyson Rowe has told us lots about this new body oil mist and had us stroking her arm at the Cardiff Benefayre back in August so we were looking forward to this coming out.

I love the cute packaging, its girly but also seductive looking, especially with the tag line of  ‘soft to touch, hard to get’.



Benefit say:

Silky, sexy skin is impossible to resist. This super-fine body oil mist absorbs instantly for immediate hydration. It includes sweet almond, olive and avocado oils to leave skin feeling soft & moisturized…and vitamin E known to help keep it firm. With a seductive sheen and a hint of tempting fragrance, it’s lust at first touch!

Benefit have called this a Silky and Seductive body oil mist and I would definitely agree with this.
The bottle contains 75ml of product which is quite a lot for a product of this type. They normally come in small bottles even for cheaper makes so this is definitely good value for money.


I also love that its got French on the box, I’d love to speak it and anything with it on is very attractive to me!

It is also a very sexy language so is perfect for putting on the side of a product like this.

The bottle itself is really simple yet still beautiful:

Its a pink bottle with spray device at the top. It has the same logo as on the front of the box but is otherwise just plain pink which I think is really nice and simple.

It could be the perfect item to stand on a dressing table and look more luxurious like old times; I’d love to have a dressing table like that! 


The spray is a medium size so you get enough product out to use but doesnt swamp your hand with oil that you get it everywhere! 

It’s also really sturdy and unlikely to break if you’re anything like me and are a little bit clumsy.


The easiest way for me to show you what the product is like was to spray it onto the back of my hand (anywhere else may be a bit weird!)

This photo shows 1 full spray:


And this is the one spray lightly rubbed in:


And again with flash:


You can see it sinks in super fast and leaves a lovely sheen without it being heavy, oily, sticky or gloopy and leaving a mirror like grease shine on my skin.
I wore it out on the weekend for a night out and my legs (if I say so myself) looked really good, my skin looked healthy and moisturised.

This also smells gorgeous, just like maybe baby and is a bit powdery which is really nice as I’m not a strong scent fan. I would use this for nights out (i.e. tonight as me and M have a reunion to go to!) particularly on my limbs and collarbone area and for nights in too…. 😉 You can apply it straight after a shower to lock in moisture straight away (I loved this!) or pretty much any time your skin needs a bit of va va voom.

Bathina Body Mist Oil is a luxurious product that would be the perfect present – to yourself or a friend/partner.

I can see me getting a lot of use out of this over the Christmas party season when my limbs need a bit of help to look better on those wet and windy evenings.

What do you think of Bathina Body Oil Mist? Will you be snapping it up?

You can buy it on their website now for £26.50 🙂

L xxx

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