Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Happy Friday!!!

This is a rather late post that I didn’t actually think i’d be writing as it has taken so long.


I picked up Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation as soon as it came out (no idea when that was now!). The promise of coverage that looked ‘nearly naked’ was very promising and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I chose colour 130 – Shell.

However after using it for a few days I was back to my usual foundations because the coverage wasn’t enough and my face looked awful, so it was consigned back to the foundation box and forgotten about.


Having decided that i need to stop buying more and start using up it has recently come back into my life as I was determined not to waste it and my money. I started off by mixing it with other foundations so it was thicker and provided more coverage, but after applying it one day alone I suddenly realised the effects that everyone else had been raving over!


The bottle itself is glass which is lovely and luxurious but doesn’t have a pump which is a little irritating. It means I end up pouring it out onto the back of my hand which can be a bit of a nightmare as I’m clumsy first thing in the morning.

That aside, I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush and after a few minutes of blending I really love the effect it has. My skin must have improved enough that it only needs lower coverage to look uniform, which is lovely and shows my hard work is paying off!

Emma Stone’s skin in the adverts looks amazing and I’d love to look as naturally beautiful as she does.

My skin is nowhere near that good and god knows I get some lovely outbursts at the moment which don’t seem to have any reason but in between those moments, I use this foundation and here are the results:



I have no other make up on in these pictures apart from the Nearly Naked foundation, so excuse my non existent eyes, brows and lips, ghost anyone?!

That said, the foundation has blended seamlessly into my skin and there’s not a tango tideline nor a cakey catastrophe in sight. I’m actually amazed how well this blends now.


I do think that having slightly drier skin helps with this product, for oily skins the product would just slide off which is what was happening to me before, and then not cover enough of my blemishes.

I apply this everyday without primer as it seems to stick to my skin and stay well enough without, which is a money saver in itself!

Are you a fan of Nearly Naked? Which other products in the range do you like?

What’s your favourite Revlon product? I’m such a fan, if only they wouldn’t test on animals!

L xxx

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