Winter Staples


I’ve been loving the colder weather recently, not so much the storms and the rain but my favourite clothes are winter ones. I just love wrapping up in layers and putting on chunky knits, boots and coats.

I thought I’d share my favourite winter clothing items today to see if yours are the same!

Leather Jacket:

I absolutely love wearing my leather jacket. It seems to go with everything I choose to wear, and for every occasion. Admittedly it’s not normally the warmest item of clothing I have in my wardrobe but the fact you can layer it up means it is still a staple, and can help with the transition between months and the outdoors/indoors.

I love casually slinging it on, if only it looked as good on me as in the picture above!

Chunky knits:

You can’t possibly go through winter without involving a chunky knit item in your wardrobe.
Scarves are an easy addition and fully functional, as if you needed any excuse to buy something!

I find the bigger the better when it comes to chunky knits, they’re definitely more snuggly.

These jumpers from Zara are amazing, I’m hoping they’re not from a previous season so I can get my hands on them. They’re perfect for trousers for work and with jeans for weekends, plus with the added bit of sparkle can be worn during evenings too!

I always stick with neutral colours as I find them easy to mix and match and I find they suit me most.

Lastly, nobody can be without a hat during the winter.
I used to be firmly in the ‘terrified’ camp for hats, but having bought myself a huge furry one last year this year it was time for a chunky knit bobble hat.

I’ve fallen in love with it already and cannot wait to wear it more often.



I adore boots.

I spent a lot of money on them a few years ago and now they’ve fallen apart or gone out of fashion. I’ve tried to be more sensible with my choices this time and have recently picked up a pair of knee high leather boots which are a classic style and hopefully they will last a long time.

They seem to make any outfit come together and can keep your feet a whole lot warmer than other shoes during winter, and more importantly in Britain….drier!

I tend to steer clear of suede purely for the rain reasons, suede boots are beautiful but I refuse to ruin shoes with a puddle again. Leather is definitely my friend.

These boots are beautiful and I’d love to get my hands on some like this!

Mine are similar in design apart from there’s no gold bit and they have buckles at the calf level which you can adjust if necessary. They’re so comfortable and were definitely a good purchase!


Ahhhhh possibly my favourite of the lot.

Coats are amazing, I love my dressing gown and I feel like they’re an outside version.

Trench coats are my particular favorite because I’m curvy and need to belt the waist to make me look like I have any shape at all.

Wool coats are definitely worth the investment and I’d love to get my hands on the black one above. It’s so chic and the collar is beautiful.

Blacks, tans, greys and khaki colours are all wearable and I’d snap up any that I’d see given half a chance.
The above khaki coloured cape from Zara is beautiful with the leather details, maybe I’ll add a cape to my wardrobe this year, but I’d need to find one with holes for hands so I can still function!

I feel like I’ve been quite boring with my choice of colours for this post but I really am a neutral and classic kind of person. However I absolutely love the bottle greens, deep reds and jewel colours such as maroons and purples and teals. I also love adding some sparkle with embellished tops and accessories.

What do you think of my Winter Staples? Are yours the same?

What kind of boots and coats do you prefer?

I cannot wait to go shopping in the sales, I can’t afford much right now but I’m hoping to pick up some bargains this year. Fingers crossed I can pick up some wardrobe staples like a wool coat or different style of leather boot. What will you be looking for?

(all pictures are from Pinterest and none are my own, that site has the best pictures – I could spend hours on it!)

L xxx


  1. Nafeesa Akhtar
    November 16, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    Where is the first leather jacket from? I am in love with that and I am so picky with choosing leather jackets!

  2. C.S.I Beauty Blog
    November 16, 2013 / 7:27 pm

    Hi Nafeesa, unfortunately I don't know! I found the image on Pinterest and thought it was gorgeous too. It looks similar to one from either Mango or Zara that I've seen a number of times tho! x

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