China Glaze Stocking Filler

Evening all!

Bit of a later post for you today. I had my work Christmas do last night which was a good laugh. I had to get to work early which meant a 5am alarm followed by work til 2 then the meal and out afterwards all whilst being sober as unfortunately I had to drive the hour home too!

So although I have no hangover I’ve been feeling pretty tired and run down today, I’ve had plenty of naps and cups of tea throughout the day though and hopefully an early night will sort me out!

Today’s post is a beautiful stocking filler I managed to pick up from TK Maxx.


China Glaze is one of the brands that me and M both love; their polishes are really good, 3 free and come in sizeable bottles for their relatively cheap price. As they’re American they’re not available in any shops here, but you can buy them online in multiple places including Amazon and sometimes you can get lucky and find them in stores such as TK Maxx. I picked mine up from a London store, the one near Covent Garden on my trip there 2 weeks ago. 



Both colours are very Christmassy; a red/gold glitter and a rose gold glitter. If you ever needed any polishes for the festive Christmas period I’m pretty sure you’ll be covered with this set! They sparkle in the light (shown in the picture with flash above) and still shimmer in natural light (below).


The first one I tried was the rose gold glitter called Champagne Kisses. Arguably this isn’t a champagne colour, but the shade is an opulent and luxurious gold glitter so maybe that’s the route they were going for!



I applied 2 coats for these pictures, without flash above and with flash below. You could easily apply this over another polish for a gold glitter accent nail, glitter tips or general glitter disco ball nail which is exactly the look I would go for!


This is a gorgeous colour and I would imagine I’d get wear out of it all year round as I’m a bit of a sucker for gold polishes. I tend to wear lots of gold jewellery so normally end up with gold nails every weekend for nights out. That and I like applying it over nude polishes to jazz them up a bit!

The second polish in the set is called Pure Joy. I believe this is exactly the polish I would create if tasked with designing one for Christmas called ‘pure joy’. I mean what else would you pick, red and gold are just the perfect combination and basically define Christmas from the rest of the year!


I applied this over Champagne Kisses for these photos but still applied 2 coats. I was off out somewhere so wanted my nails to be Christmassy, I applied it in the Chanel style where you can still see a ring of the underneath colour at the base of the nail.


Without flash you can see how well it covers after 2 coats and it just glimmers away on the nails without being too garish, which in all honesty I thought it might have been!



With flash you can see the true red colour as this is what it looks like in person. How pretty!

This was a random purchase from TK Maxx, I do love going in there for a rummage. I often come out empty handed but there’s been plenty of time I’ve also come home with bag loads!

This cost a bargainous £10 and it would be great as a present for a friend, family member, colleague, Secret Santa or for yourself as I did with mine!

How is your present shopping going this year? I wish TK Maxx would sell more products online although I do love finding a hidden gem.

Are you a China Glaze fan? What do you think of these polishes?

L xxx

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