Christmas Shopping…..For Myself

Let’s all be honest here, it’s pretty damn hard to go shopping at any time of year without picking something up for yourself let alone at Christmas time.

I’m a very big fan of the ‘one for you, two for me’ mantra and as I missed out on an advent calendar of any kind (not jealous at all….) I have seemingly bought myself a product for each day instead….now who’s winning eh?!

Here’s a quick photo montage of things I’ve picked up, what deals were on, whee you can get them and how much you need it!



The Latest in Beauty box – The Glamour Beauty Edit.

This was £14.95 from here (plus p&p) and worth every penny. With £65 of goodies in this box not only is it a bargain but a lovely gift and if I bought for friends I’d definitely get one as a Secret Santa gift!

They’re limited number I think but still available when writing this post 🙂



Lancome mascara set from Boots was snapped up in a triple points offer as I’m yet to try a premium beauty mascara and thought a set was the perfect opportunity!

The Mane and Tail Conditioner for human and horse hair was a surprise find in Liberty when I went to London (see posts here and here). I’ve heard a lot and couldn’t resist picking it up, it’s a yellow colour and smells pretty good all for £7!




I went on a nail spree too….oops!
The Maybelline Color Show Brocades were a random buy but they’re so glittery I couldn’t resist them on 3 for 2 as well.

Essie are one of my favourite nail brands and their Luxeffects collection hasn’t escaped my notice. The pink was bought individually but the blue and silver glitter were bought in a set. Guaranteed a post will be up soon!



Lastly I had a bit of a spree in Origins. The above 2 pictures show products bought at the same time; in John Lewis they had 15% off to match Debenhams prices and luckily for me still had a Morning to Midnight set of Ginzing related goodies for me to try out! At £34 I really couldn’t leave it behind after one of the products retailing at £35 so it was super savvy to pick it up at 15% off.

I also picked up their Sensory Therapy in Peace of Mind because my mum uses it for her headaches and I’ve found it works amazing on me too. This is normally £13 but I got it for just over £10 which for me is much better than taking tablets for headache as I get them regularly with stress.

As I bought 2 products I also received a free goody set which was another reason for going there. They always seem to have deals on at Christmas where you can receive a few products in trial size to test out and this was so cute!


I picked the Best Brighteners as I really want to try the skin illuminating cleanser.

Not only that, my last item was also my final item in my Boots triple points internet order (along with the Lancome mascaras) and was the Merry Moisturisers set.

I’m a huge fan of the Make A Difference range and I know I will use all of the products in this bundle. For £29 from Boots (currently half price) where the moisturiser is normally around £34 you cannot go wrong!


I’ve definitely overspent this year………my own present buying has been a little off the charts but let’s be honest its only Christmas once a year!

I cannot resist the bargains and have gathered myself a whopping £15ish in Boots points from the triple points and 500 points vouchers. I didn’t need most of the products but I’m now in the frame of mind where I will use everything up and I’ve been getting through my stash quite well recently so fingers crossed I haven’t overindulged too much….

Only time and my bank balance/credit card bill will tell!

What have you been buying yourself recently? Have you been snapping up bargains in the Christmas sales?

I can’t believe there’s this many bargains BEFORE the Boxing Day sales, think I’ll have to give my mum instructions to hold me back when that time comes……

L xxx

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