Christmas Wishlist

This year Christmas is going to be a fleeting affair for me, I’ll be working full time aside from Christmas Day and Boxing Day because everyone else managed to book time off before me…hurrah. I’m trying not to be Scrooge about it but 2 days off after building up to it for weeks probably isn’t going to cut it; I’m probably going to end up sleeping for the majority of my time off as I’m so tired!

Moaning aside, I’ve managed to come up with a wishlist of gifts that if anyone would like to buy me, that would be FABULOUS.

I’ve gotten to the age where my parents and brother are the only people to buy me presents….it’s a sad year for me indeed. I’m not materialistic obviously…………but here’s my wishlist if there was an unlimited budget and presents rained down on me on Christmas day:

1) I’ll start off by stating the obvious. Soap and Glory. Who wouldn’t want the big set for Christmas?!
It has been on my list every year and this year is no different, however I’m not quite so confident I’ll get it. My mum knows how hard I’ve been working to get through my stash so I’m not so sure that I will be getting another 10/12 products to add to my collection! Especially as all of them are such good value and last a long time…..but rumour has it she went to Boots early to pick something up last Friday. Fingers crossed!

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2) Quite frankly I’d be ecstatic if anyone bought me the contents of Antipodes store. I drool every month at their products; even their website is a dream, the pictures are so mystical!

Image from

I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Juliet Brightening Cleanser, Manuka Honey Face Mask, Joyous Replenish Serum and their Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream.
I’m a big fan of the Divine Oil already, I can’t possibly see what I wouldn’t like from their products!

3) A pair of classic black heels. I’m talking Louboutins here obviously. Who on earth wouldn’t want a classic black shoe which would go with absolutely everything with a flash of red on the sole?!
Here’s a few ideas if anyone is feeling rich and generous:


(Images from Google)


4) I’d like more clothing from Ralph Lauren and LK Bennett. I’ve started a (small) collection over the years from the outlet stores which is going quite well but I need more.
Whilst my cousin worked at an RL Outlet store it was great having the extra discount for family/friends but now she’s gone off to uni the buying has dwindled down. I need more blazers, more jeans, and more dresses, Kate Middleton always looks good in hers and why not me too?! For example:

(Images all from Google)

Surely you can’t go wrong with a bit of tailoring!

5) A bag. A black leather beautiful handbag to carry all of my worldly possessions on a daily basis would just be fabulous. Here’s some bag porn:

All images from Pinterest

I’m quite a simple bag person it would seem! Any of the above would make me beam like a baby given its teddy bear.

6) Coats. I have a small obsession with coats. I hate being cold and love being all wrapped up in layers.

I’d absolutely love a cape, feeling like a chic superhero is definitely my thing!
I also think that details like the bow at the back and coloured coats with a belt at the waist are so easy but make a big difference.The ones above are all from Pinterest browsing so I’ve no idea how expensive they are!

7) I am a NARS virgin. I am yet to make my first ever purchase and to be totally honest I’ve no idea why. There’s so many products they have that I NEED to own it seems a bit silly but nevertheless here are the specific ones I’m lusting after; any of those 4 blushes, any of the lip crayons and of course the amazing concealer they have, so creamy and buildable!

8) Urban Decay. Doesn’t really need any introduction does it? We’re all after the Naked 3 palette, I’m still after Naked 2 and Vice 2 along with all the others still available on the Debenhams website I was browsing earlier. Limited edition gets me every time, what a sucker!
Not only that but their eye crayons, primers, setting sprays and foundations are on my list too….neverending!

9) Holiday. Any where as long as it’s hot! I’d like to lie on a beach drinking out of a coconut with nothing distracting my attention apart from my tan, my book and potentially my next meal/cocktail. Oh and soaking up some exquisite cultural experiences too!


If only.

10) Harry Potter Studios covered in snow. I’ve seen pictures and I’ve heard whisperings…..basically I’m uber jealous of anyone visiting the snow covered film sets.
I absolutely loved it when me and M went in March but I had to restrict myself when buying things and although I came out with a beautiful time turner necklace which is my pride and joy, I still want all of the additional book available in store, I want tshirts, wands etc etc. I especially want the map….HOW COOL!


So that’s my wish list. I mean it’s not too much to ask really is it?

L xxx



  1. Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle
    December 20, 2013 / 8:06 am

    Gorgeous wishlist. I like your style even more now. Totally wanting the lovely Louboutins too. Too bad they are extremely expensive. Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Beauty Bird
    December 20, 2013 / 2:15 pm

    Yay someone else who hasn't tried Nars! I thought I was the only one!! Great wishlist (I did drool over the bags) xx

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