Inkwear Temporary Tattoos and Nail Wear

I’m a fan of tattoo nail art after previously doing it a few times with transfers I ordered off ebay (you can see them here). When I saw inkwear on twitter had started doing transfers I was excited to see them and L and I were lucky enough to be sent lots to try.

Inkwear also sell lots of tattoos for the body as well as offering a service where you can design your own tattoos which is great for if you are considering a tattoo but are maybe choosing between two you could order transfers from inkwear and sort of do a try before you buy service.

I’m someone who absolutely loves tattoos and have often considered them but the permanent factor puts me off. As someone who’s sooooo fickle I don’t think I could ever do it even though the ones I’d choose between haven’t changed since I was 16.

One of them is I’d love cherry blossom going across my shoulder blades then trailing down my spine. After seeing the cherry blossom on inkwear I knew I had to get it.


I love this design and can just imagine bigger it would look amazing. The transfers lasted around a day and a half on the wrist but as it’s on somewhere with a lot of movement and I constantly wash my hands and arms due to my job I think it would last longer on a different body part.


It was easily removed with a quick swipe of nail varnish remover so would be perfect for fancy dress too.


I’ve been trying the nail tattoos. They apply the same as temporary tattoos. Remove the shiny cellophane, place in position then dampen for 20 seconds and the backing can then be removed.

I was playing around with them this week when I was nursing a hangover but as I forgot to apply top coat they didn’t last well. As with the previous tattoo nails I did I find this type of design isn’t one with longevity and is more one for a special occasion. With so many designs available they make great creative nail designs for nights out. I can see myself using the pattern ones lots in the summer. In the winter months I tend to stick to plain nails more.

Have you tried nail transfers?

Love M


You can browse the full selection of temporary tattoos, design your own and see the nail transfers at

As M has mentioned already, we were sent a huge selection of nail tattoos to try and you can see pictures of them below:


There were so many to choose from it was hard to pick some to use as I could think of so many designs!


The instructions are shown above and are as simple as they were years ago when we were kids and used temporary tattoos back then (I remember lots of Spice Girls and flower ones?!)

There is even a guide to give you an idea of how long the tattoos will last on your skin in different body parts which is always handy to know.



The tattoos I requested were for nails and I had great fun coming up with ideas.

The comic book style ones will definitely come in use and the bird and bird cage ones were the tattoos I settled on first.



There were also some stars, hearts, guns and stags available plus Rihanna’s infamous ‘Shh…’ tattoo in miniature form.

I applied a nude coloured nail varnish to my nails to give an even base before cutting the nail tattoos into individual pieces. I then applied each piece to the chosen nail and wet it with cotton wool soaked in water.

After waiting a small period of time I then peeled off the paper to reveal the transfer underneath.



I then applied a top coat to ensure the design lasted for as long as possible.

This was so easy to do and the transfers came out pretty well. I would suggest that you cut as close to the transfer as you can because the surrounding area of the transfer will also peel off onto your skin/nail and this can contribute to the transfer getting damaged.

Unfortunately the design only lasted a day on my nails even with top coat, I wash my hands a lot in the labs and this may have contributed to this but I think these designs will have to be for an occasion.

I would definitely recommend these for someone who’s fickle in nail designs (myself included) as changing them regularly would combat the problem of peeling off. Definitely a great secret Santa present too as lots of people can have fun with these!

What do you think of nail tattoos? Do you love the designs too?

L xxx


  1. Sophierosehearts
    December 4, 2013 / 1:35 pm

    I think these are so fun! They would definitely make a great present!Sophierosehearts x

  2. Joelle Poulos
    September 12, 2014 / 9:27 am

    Love this idea! Pretty!Joelle

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