Ted Baker at Christmas

Morning everyone!

We’ve got a post for you today about some really good last minute presents you can get for friends, family, colleagues and Secret Santa gifts that you may be struggling with for both males and females.

Ted Baker always have great gift sets all year around but particularly at Christmas. My aunty always used to get me the green and purple set for my birthdays and I adored the smell from the body spray, it was so fresh, not overpowering and lasted quite a long time considering it wasn’t perfume.

We were lucky enough to be sent two of this years gift sets by Ted Baker* to try out.
My brother was a very willing recipient of the male Ted Baker set called the Body Maintenance Kit*.


In the Body Maintenance kit there is a Body Spray and a Hair & Body Wash. The packaging is bright and cheerful without being feminine or overly Christmassy, they’d be great for all year round.

My brother has been testing them out over the last week for me. He’s a 22 year old part time student and full time worker, so was excited to be a recipient of my blog for once! He’s a regular gym goer and does suffer with bad skin on his back. It hasn’t flared up in a while so this was a good test.



He thought the packaging was great too, nice and bright and simple; men don’t like fussy things do they!

As far as the smell goes he said it was ‘really nice’ and it lathered up really well.
He said it did dry his skin out but that was on his face, he obviously hasn’t learnt to moisturise yet so I’ll have to work on him to start that soon! Aside from that he said the hair and body wash was really good, he’d probably repurchase it especially at the price of £8 for the set.


He said the spray was the same fragrance (as you’d expect) and he’s been applying it pretty generously from what I can smell, even my mum has commented that he smells nice!
(I’m painting a great picture of him aren’t I?!)



I think the Body Maintenance Kit is a great gift for any male that you need to buy for. Regardless of age the kit would cater to any kind of male, the scent isn’t overpowering and every male needs to wash and apply some kind of smelly product every day!

For £8 this gift is a bargain and I would suggest if you’re still stuck for a stocking filler this would be the perfect option. Secret Santa’s can be so hard sometimes and for £8 this makes things so easy and takes the stress out of it.

For the female in your life; friend, colleague, family member, partner etc there is the It Had To Be You* set.


First off I cannot help but make a big deal about how stunningly beautiful the packaging is; HOW AMAZING IS IT. I’ve actually taken a close up macro shot of the box as my new phone background, it’s just that pretty. (Am I weird? Do other people do this with things?!)


The box underneath is also a beautiful bright pink which I think perfectly clashes and compliments the soft pink and pretty pattern of the lid of the box.
Inside are 4 50ml products; a body spray, bath foam, body wash and body souffle.


I used all of these the other day when I got back from the gym (apart from the bath foam). The scent is absolutely gorgeous and really girly but also not overpowering which is a big thing for me. I hate strong smells and this is a really sweet but not sickly scent that I could use daily.

The body wash foamed really easily and the body souffle moisturised the skin on the really dry skin on my shins very well. They felt quite silky smooth afterwards!

The body spray was really fresh as well, it would be great for a really wide age range.

This is a great set for £10 and I’d definitely buy this for many of my friends or a colleague for a Secret Santa.

L xxx


I always end up drawn into the Ted Baker sets. I absolutely love the packaging. The colours and the print are absolutely gorgeous. I love boxes like this and they are great to be able to be re used as storage. Definitely to pretty to put away.

The packaging of the products follows a similar theme with a rose gold/ bronze colour as well. It’s pretty and feminine without looking cheap or like it’s only suitable for a certain age range.

I really love the body spray. I used to think they were pointless until last year. I love to keep a body spray or small perfume in my handbag in case I pop out after work or if my perfume has just faded away.

These miniatures are perfect for me. As I live away from my parents I love to keep sets like this at their house so I don’t have to bring things with me when I visit. I’m especially loving the body soufflé. It leaves my skin feeling super soft.

The Ted Baker range is also on 3 for 2 in boots making it even more purse friendly for gifts. I will definitely be picking some up after Christmas for gifts throughout the year.

Have you tried any of the Ted Baker sets? Are any on your lists? I’ve been eyeing up The Great and The Gorgeous and The Me and My Shadow sets.

Love M


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