Tresemme Pro Shine Range


With Christmas just
around the corner it means party season is well and truly with us. I don’t know
about you but my hair is definitely something I tend to get stuck in a rut
with. I either wear it in loose curls or straight and have lately been lacking inspiration.

Earlier in the year I
was lucky to meet Anthony from Beauty Seen PR as part of their regional tour
and he introduced me to some of the new products Tresemme has bought out in
line with X Factor as they are one of the sponsors.

Jamie Stevens is the
head hair dresser for X Factor. Little random fact he lived on my estate as a
kid and I used to have his sisters clothes. Claim to fame right there haha!
Jamie has done some amazing hair on the show and here I’ve got some of his top
styles, how to achieve them and what products to use to make them work.

I find styling
products is really something I forget to use. Heat protectant is a must for me
but that’s usually it. I love that the tresemme range is affordable and
designed to help make styles last as there is nothing worse than spending ages
on your hair for it to all drop out. These tips show you how best to use them.

Through X Factor
there have been some gorgeous hair styles. Some I’ve tried to recreate myself
and some I’ll be trying out soon for Christmas Day and a friend’s birthday. I
always think it’s good to get glam on Christmas Day.


The half up half down
is one of my favourite styles to do to make normal curly hair look a bit
different. I love how you can add hair accessories easily to make it festive
and think the volume to the crown adds glamour! This is a style that easily
works well with both long and short hair. I love the full fringe Tamera has
here and the messy distressed curls! This would be perfect for nights out or
Christmas day hair and would look gorgeous with a sparkly clip at the back.
It’s a simple one that anyone can recreate. I really want to pick up the liquid
texture mist to try as I think this style works when messy and my hair can be a
bit too neat. This is also a great one to do on day old hair.

I love that Tresemme
haven’t gone with anything too much when linking the packaging to the X Factor
and have kept it true to their packaging.


I love big hair, the
bigger the better for me. I love how Tamera’s hair has been done here and the
big brushed out curls look amazing! Tips like Jamie’s to let you know the
product will make your hair feel stiff but this is what you want is really
helpful as if I hadn’t read this and used a product that made my hair go stiff
I’d be tempted to wash it again. Once my hair is back blonde and matching my
extensions this is a style I’ll be trying.

I’ve recently been
testing the illuminating shine oil spritz from the range. Shine spray was never
a product I used. Who doesn’t want shiny healthy looking hair but for me I was
too worried it would look greasy and it just wasn’t a product I thought to buy.

I’I’m so glad I’I’ve been
able to try it though as it really is good. I spray it on the bottom two thirds
of my hair and has been really helping my hair look shinier. Lately my hair has
been dyed a lot and is subsequently lacking lustre. The shine spray has really
helped this and hasn’t made my hair greasy.

I love how affordable
the range is and can’t wait to pick up the liquid texture mist and the shine
ultimate volume whip.

Have you seen or
tried the new range of tresemme products? Will you be picking any up for the
festive period? The range is limited edition avavailable exclusively in tesco until march.  I’ll be stocking up on the oil spritz.

Love M


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