Fitness Update

Morning everyone!

Hope you’re having a great week so far. I am spending today with my mum at Swindon’s Shopping outlet as we need to get a load of birthday presents for family members…..and I can’t guarantee I won’t pick up a little something for myself too! I need to be good though and hopefully not pick up any more than 1 product….

Anyway, my main reason for posting today is to give you an update on my fitness plans and goals so i hope I don’t bore you too much with my waffling on but it’s as big a part of my life now as blogging is and I’m sure I’ll be mentioning it a lot in future.

I would imagine we’ve all been on a bit of a health kick after the gluttonous Christmas period and kicking up the exercise a notch was my first priority. I’ve put together a plan for myself to kick my metabolism back into action, drop the few (!) extra pounds I put on over Christmas and get myself fit and ready for the challenges I’ve set myself this year.

Let’s list these first:

1) 10km run on March 1st
2) Dirty Dozen on June 22nd
3) Tough Mudder August 16th
4) Cardiff Half Marathon October 5th (this is provisional…depends on how TM goes!)

These are the physical tasks I’ve set myself this year. I’m not a runner by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve started on the treadmill so that I can force myself to learn! I need to increase my distance so that i can reach 10km by March, and increase this slowly to 20km for TM in August.

If you don’t know what Tough Mudder (TM) and Dirty Dozen races are then give them a quick google….basically they’re both obstacle courses that require you to run a certain distance and then also tackle a number of obstacles. These range from climbing walls, swimming through ice, running through fire and getting electrocuted all before a free pint and a big party!
They sound very fun and a massive challenge for me as I’d never run further than 5km before let alone completed any obstacles like this.

My current plan is the following:

Monday – Body Combat. This will help with cardio as it burns around 750 calories per class and will help me strengthen my leg and core muscles without high impact like running does. Plus i really enjoy it!

Tuesday-Friday – Gym program. I have one at the moment which is great but I’m planning on meeting with my trainer to update my program and therefore get some new exercises related to TM training. I will need some serious upper body and core strength to get me through it! I plan on going to the gym to do this program with 20 minutes on the cross trainer or a run twice during the week.

Saturday – Body Pump. I love this class and it will hopefully help me increase the weights i can use and therefore get stronger, i just need to be committed enough to increase my weights each week!

Sunday – Run day! Sunday’s will be dedicated to an outdoor run around the parks near my house. This means I will be running outside in daylight instead of on a treadmill as it’s currently too dark to do this when I’ve finished work at the moment. As the nights get lighter again I’ll be running outside in the evenings.

Having been doing this loose plan for 2 weeks I can say that it is hard but achievable to go 5 times a week if you plan your life and put the effort into it whilst you are there. It’s hard to be motivated all the time especially when you don’t see any results. I’ve been trying to eat more veg than fruit recently and have been having soup instead of fruit on my morning breaks to fill me up. That combined with increasing my water intake and I’ve been feeling like a beached whale!

Luckily my body has got used to it not and hopefully I’ll start seeing some results soon.

Aside from these challenges I am hoping that it will help me lose about 1 stone (14lbs) and tone up my arms and core where I could do with being a bit less wobbly! I’d like to be comfortable in a bikini in case the situation where I need to wear one arises!

If any of you have some tips for my diet or exercise plans, or anything that will help me in my quest to survive TM then I’d be grateful. If you have any challenges you’ve set yourself this year please share them with me below, I’d love to know of any others and of your plans 🙂

L xxx

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