Label.M Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Cream*

Hi all.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Mine has been a stressful one after I stupidly left my purse on the bus meaning yesterday morning was spent cancelling all my cards. I was lucky it was handed in untouched so I’m now just cardless for a few weeks while it gets sorted as in the mess of moving I hadn’t changed addresses on a lot of my things making one big mess!!

Anyway onto today’s post. We are both big fans of big hair. I love the big volumised wave look. I’m always want the volume people like Kate Middleton and Cheryl Cole have. My hair is personally thin and rather damaged at the moment due to dying it way too much over the past few months.


We were asked if we fancied trying the new Label.M thickening range*. We both couldn’t wait to try this after both falling in love with previous Label.M products such as the protein spray and honey and oat shampoo and conditioner.



I love that the packaging on this range and the bright red makes it really stand out in the shower. The shampoo and conditioner are a standard 250ml and the thickening cream is 100ml.

As soon as these arrived I hopped in the shower to test them out. The shampoo lathered up well and the conditioner felt good in the shower and made my hair less tangled and surprisingly I haven’t noticed my hair falling out with this set. (very few shampoos and conditioners do this).



When drying my hair I did notice a downside. As someone who has over processed their hair mine did feel dry and I think it was missing a conditioner that added moisture to it. With that aside though my hair definitely felt bigger and held volume better and for longer. I’ve been using a hot air brush a lot lately and after using this range of products it was easier and volume stayed better at the roots.

As my hair condition isn’t great at the moment I’ll be using these before a night out. They are perfect for easier styling and making styles last longer.

Love M



Hello! I’ve been using this set from Label.m over Christmas and have been absolutely loving it.

First of all let me just mention how gorgeous the packaging is, I do love the simple shape of the products and the bright red colour is gorgeous and looks high end. Next, the product itself is actually pink!

Who doesn’t love a pink product!

The shampoo lathers up so easily and the conditioner is great for adding moisture into my hair. The thickening cream is also a lovely addition and doesn’t seem to weigh down my hair at all.



I have been blessed with hair thats a little contradictory. It is fine and very long, however it does have certain parts which have really thick hair which generally baffles hair dressers but most of the time it’s easy to manage and for that I am grateful!

I am always looking for bigger hair and being a fan of the Megan Fox waves that I continually strive towards and never seem to quite get it right, I was hoping this would help me out.

I found after using all three products together that my hair was definitely bigger and had a lot more volume than it did before. Unfortunately I was ill over the Christmas period and didn’t have any big plans for NYE so I am yet to try out the vintage waves whilst using these products but hopefully I will get to use them soon.


I really liked using these products and they definitely had the desired effects. However after using them for 2 weeks non stop I have found that they do dry my hair out slightly, maybe its due to the weather and constant air conditioning in work also but I think i will keep these for Saturday nights out when the full effects will be necessary as I have to keep my hair tied back for work.

These retail from Label.m here and the prices for each product ranges from £12.25 to £15.25.

I would definitely recommend them for the times when your hair needs a boost for an occasion as they worked great on my super long hair.

Have you tried the thickening range? Have you tried anything else from Label.M?

L xxx


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