Origins Merry Moisturisers Set

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One of my favourite presents to myself this year was my huge haul of Origins gift sets.
Not only are all products that I’ve used from them completely amazing, but the gift sets can be quite a bargain if you’re lucky!

This one, Merry Moisturisers, was originally priced around £50 but Boots discounted it for a few weeks before Christmas and so I snapped it up for £28. This was a bargain because the moisturiser in this set costs £34 on its own!



Loved the packaging of these, very simple, Christmassy and the different designs for each set are really cute. The polka dot is also a classic!
As with all other Origins products the ingredients are fully listed on the back of the box.



I’ve kept these boxes as I like them so much, boxes like these are always useful for storing things and putting presents in. I’ve got plenty of boxes like these stacked up and storing all my eyeshadows, lipsticks etc in.

Merry Moisturisers gift set contains a number of products from the Make A Difference range which is one of my favourites from Origins. This set contains the Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion, Hand Treatment and Moisturiser as well as a Drink Up Intensive Face Mask.




This moisturiser is one of my all time favourites. I’ve previously tried the gel version of the treatment which is for oily skin and therefore is lighter. There’s actually four different types available for different skin types so I was interested to try another type now that my skin isn’t as oily and requires more hydration.

This was as expected; lovely to apply, smells divine and my skin feels like its had a really big treat when I’ve used it. Love it love it love it, I’ll be repurchasing this for a while (as long as I can afford it that is!).



As someone that doesn’t really get the whole toner thing, this was a massive revelation to me. I loved the smell, the effects and just everything about it. You can see my original post on it here but needless to say it has completely won me over to the toner argument…though I’m still skeptical of others.



This is again another gorgeous product and the size is perfect for a handbag. It sinks into skin really nicely which is something that is a must have for me as I cannot stand greasy hand creams and having slimy hands that stay like it for ages!



The Drink Up mask is another product I’ve used before and loved. It was the first hydrating mask I’d ever used and it was amazing even for my oily skin. It didn’t overload it and was perfectly hydrating without affecting my skin in a negative way at all. Perfection!


This would have been a gorgeous set for anyone, I’m a hug fan or Origins as I’ve probably mentioned many times and genuinely love it! There’s never been a product I didn’t like and all of them have worked beautifully on my skin.

I always look for bargains such as these sets at Christmas time to save me a bit of money and also try out new products that I might not have tried otherwise.
I also take regular trips to Cosmetics Company Outlets (CCO) where items can be discounted greatly, I’m talking £25 instead of £34 and you can save some money there too, as long as the products are available.

Do you like Origins? Did you pick up anything from their Christmas sets?

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